This BMW Electric M1 Concept is simple yet timeless!

  Jan 05, 2024

In recent years, car design has greatly changed, mainly because of limited space and the desire for better aerodynamics. This shift towards standardization makes cars more practical, but it can also make them lose their unique charm. In reaction to this, a student from Coventry University got inspired by BMW's Neue Klasse EV concept. It's like a symbol that connects the rich history of car design with the exciting future direction. The BMW Electric M1 is a simple, timeless concept with a harmonious blend of automotive traditions and future innovations. It successfully navigates the challenges posed by the standardization trend, offering a visually striking and functionally advanced electric supercar.

The designer was inspired by BMW's Neue Klasse EV concept as it displays the visual style of future electric models. The original Neue Klasse, dating back to 1962, set design standards for BMW's midsize sedans such as 1600 and 2000. Embracing a strategy that involves inheriting design elements from iconic predecessors, the vision extends to projecting the future of BMW's M series, specifically in the world of electric supercars. 

Drawing parallels to the timeless classic such as the M1, the goal is to seamlessly marry the racing DNA of the past with the future of electric mobility. This modern interpretation pays tribute to its predecessor with a glimpse into the future of automotive design by blending tradition with innovation

A simple yet timeless design philosophy

In the world of automotive design, practicality often takes precedence over looks. However, there's a rising demand for cars that are not just functional but also visually appealing. The focus here is on celebrating simplicity by highlighting the overall shape and proportions of the vehicle. This design philosophy is summed up as "simple yet timeless."

The imagined Electric M1 has a sleek and low silhouette, paying close attention to the centrally positioned waterline. This design choice aims to capture the essence of the classic M1, highlighting simplicity and timeless dynamic lines. The low and sleek silhouette serves as a stylistic preference while contributing to aerodynamics and enhancing the overall performance of the electric supercar.

The focus on the centrally positioned waterline is crucial for maintaining balance and visual harmony in the Electric M1. This central feature adds to the car's stability and handling, drawing inspiration from the M series. The design communicates a commitment to an exhilarating and visually captivating driving experience, bridging the rich heritage of BMW's racing legacy with cutting-edge innovations in electric mobility.

Distinctive elements with symbolic heritage in the front and rear

The Electric M1's front design featured distinctive elements, including a unified headlamp and grille design. The integration of the kidney grille with the headlights showcased the iconic 'M' and a checker flag pattern, paying homage to the brand's motorsports heritage and ensuring a strong visual identity day and night.

Inspired by the original M1's design, the rear also incorporated M1-inspired elements while prioritizing simplicity. The rear design echoed the details of the front, using 3D-effect rear lamps to convey a sense of speed, dual logos, iconic air vents, and straightforward rear lamps. 

In its final form, the design achieved simplicity with dynamic lines, embodying the commanding presence typical of BMW's supercars. The aim was to create a design that transcends generations, earning admiration for cherished features while signalling a forward-looking design language. The Electric M1 establishes a direction for a supercar deeply rooted in the racing DNA characteristic of the M series, making a profound statement on both conventional roads and high-performance racetracks.


The BMW Electric M1 stands as a seamless fusion of automotive traditions and cutting-edge innovations. It addresses the challenges presented by the ongoing trend of standardization, presenting a visually captivating and technologically advanced electric supercar. The design not only pays homage to the legendary M1 but also provides a distinct roadmap for the evolution of BMW's future supercars.

About Designer

Born in 1999, Chungsuk Moon, commonly known as Moon, hails from South Korea. His passion for cars ignited during his early years, evolving into a dedicated car enthusiast as he grew older. With a profound interest and understanding of cars and automotive culture, he embarked on a journey to study and create vehicles and designs that captivate and satisfy people across different eras—from the past to the present and into the future. Currently majoring in Automotive Design at Coventry University, and will graduate in 2024.

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