The INFINITI Qe06 Concept is redefining the practical design approach

  Jan 05, 2024

The new INFINITI Qe06 concept aims to change how we see electric vehicles. In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, finding a distinct identity for electric vehicles is important. The INFINITI Qe06 CUV concept by a graduate from the Royal College of Arts introduces a new trend in Infiniti design and showcases practical design approaches integrating advanced battery technology. This concept is poised to redefine the electric brand identity, focusing on a performance-oriented CUV tailored for individuals with an independent lifestyle.

The design of the Qe06 focuses on meeting the user's needs and lifestyle. Specifically crafted for those with an independent lifestyle, this electric CUV provides a well-rounded combination of comfort and luxury. The advanced battery technology not only powers the vehicle but also offers users various ways to make the most of it. 

The Design

During the initial stages of the design process, a comprehensive approach was adopted, considering both surface and functional design considerations. Extensive exploration of front and rear designs was done to craft a striking form while preserving an overall sense of glory.

In catering to users with independent lifestyles, the design took into account their daily routines and leisure activities. This led to the ingenious concept of a portable spare battery system which allows for effortless insertion and removal from the rear of the vehicle, providing users with a convenient and adaptable solution to their electric vehicle needs. As the design process advanced, focused efforts were dedicated to refining the overall form and proportions of the INFINITI Qe06. The objective was not only to uphold the traditional essence associated with Infiniti vehicles but also to elevate and evolve the overall design.

Adopting “Simple yet Majestic” design philosophy

The design philosophy of "Simple yet Majestic" for the INFINITI Qe06 involved creating sleek surfaces with unexpected lines and volumes. This approach aimed to establish a strong and dominant image that highlights the evolving trend of Infiniti electric vehicles. The vehicle's configuration includes 2+2 seats, with dimensions measuring 4700mm in length, 1600mm in height, and 2100mm in width. 

Despite being a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle), it offers ample space. To ensure a comfortable and stable driving experience, the design incorporates an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system.

One notable feature of the final design is the portable spare battery system, which introduces innovative functionalities anticipating future needs and encouraging diverse user lifestyles. The portable spare battery system goes beyond just powering the vehicle. It supports various innovative features, such as charging devices outside the vehicle and even functioning as a portable gas stove. This concept aims to enhance the user's journey beyond traditional driving experiences, providing flexibility and adaptability to different situations.


The INFINITI Qe06 CUV concept marks a significant departure from the norm in the electric vehicle industry. By combining practical design strategies, cutting-edge battery technology, and a strong emphasis on performance, the designer has elevated the driving experience and integrated features that can help people in their daily lives. The introduction of the portable spare battery system adds a unique layer of innovation, positioning the Qe06 as the leader in the ever-changing world of eV's. This design approach sets a new standard for electric vehicles and also reflects Infiniti's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the expectations associated with this rapidly evolving automotive design industry.

About Designer

Meet Woojae Kim, born in South Korea, pursued his passion for mobility design by completing a Bachelor's degree in Automotive and Transportation Design at Coventry University from 2016 to 2019. His ambition to enter the mobility design sector led him to pursue an MA in Intelligent Mobility at the Royal College of Art from 2020 to 2023, where he developed creativity through constant feedback from professors. As an international student, having spent a few years in the UK and receiving earlier education in South Korea, Woojae gained diverse perspectives in automobile design. 

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Woojae Kim