Bugatti's Pure Electric 4-Seater Hypercar Concept By Sehun Park Embraces The Future Of Sustainable Luxury

  Jan 25, 2024

Things are changing for Bugatti, known for making powerful and luxurious cars with this new project. A student of Coventry University is introducing an electric hypercar concept, showing the brand's commitment to advanced technology and keeping up with the eco-friendly trend. Bugatti's rich automotive history will be a key part of this project, blending performance, luxury, and environmental responsibility excitingly. As he moves away from traditional engines, he aims to captivate enthusiasts with this electrifying endeavour.

Adding four seats makes Bugatti cars more practical and social, appealing to a wider audience while still embodying the brand's luxurious style. This ambitious project isn't just about a car; it shows Bugatti's dedication to shaping the future of high-performance driving and embracing the essential move towards sustainability.

Bugatti's C-Line Evolution

To create this innovative hypercar, the designer took inspiration from Bugatti's rich history, specifically the success of the Bugatti 57G Tank at the 1937 Le Mans. The enduring spirit of racing passion from that challenging 24-hour race inspired the creation of Bugatti's new C-Line.

The focus during the design process was on combining power and elegance, blending Bugatti's strong identity, the 'C-line,' into a unique and voluminous look. The goal was to capture the raw power while maintaining the elegance that defines Bugatti's design. The result is a smoothly shaped design that seamlessly fits with the iconic C-line, demonstrating a harmonious blend of strength and sophistication.

The Design is shaping the new narrative for the brand

Exploring Bugatti's impressive history, the design process took inspiration from the renowned Bugatti 57G Tank. Every detail of the hypercar reflects the essence of this historic model, from the racing-goggle-like air intake to the lights inspired by the 57G Tank's side headlights. Each element pays tribute to Bugatti's iconic past, creating a narrative that honours the brand's heritage.

The front and rear sections of the vehicle incorporate design elements inspired by Bugatti's logo and the distinctive rear features of the Bugatti 57G Tank. This careful attention to detail ensures that the hypercar not only captures the spirit of Bugatti but also serves as a visual tribute to its legendary predecessors.

As the project progressed, it became clear that Bugatti, with its rich history, could shape its historical narrative. By embracing and drawing inspiration from its heritage, the new design narrative becomes a testament to the brand's capacity for innovation while staying true to its origins. This hypercar represents a unique chapter in Bugatti's ongoing story, seamlessly blending the past with the present and paving the way for an exciting future.

Beyond just looking good, the Bugatti's electric hypercar concept's innovative design pays a lot of attention to engineering. One key feature is the unique door parting line and opening mechanism, showing how Bugatti is dedicated to blending style and practicality seamlessly. These distinct door features aren't just about looks; they are carefully engineered to enhance the hypercar's overall functionality. They make the car more accessible and improve its aerodynamics, highlighting Bugatti's commitment to creating a design that's not only stylish but also addresses important practical aspects of a high-performance vehicle.

Additionally, the strategic allocation of space for batteries is another engineering aspect that emphasizes Bugatti's dedication to innovation. By integrating the batteries thoughtfully into the design, the hypercar achieves a balanced mix of performance and sustainability. This commitment to both style and practicality reinforces Bugatti's leading position in cutting-edge automotive design, where every detail is well crafted to enhance the overall driving experience.


This electric 4-seater hypercar concept marks a big change in the automotive world. The introduction of the "Pure" concept not only embraces future sustainable luxury but also honours Bugatti's rich history. In the constantly changing automotive industry, Bugatti is leading the way by skillfully combining its historical legacy with modern innovation to create a timeless masterpiece. This move not only shows Bugatti's commitment to being at the forefront of car development but also highlights its skill in blending the best of the past with the possibilities of the future.

About Designer

Sehun Park is a Year 2 student pursuing a major in Automotive and Transport Design BA(Hons) at Coventry University in the UK. Having completed his military service in South Korea, he consistently refines his skills through university assignments and personal design projects. Sehun is currently applying for internships to secure an opportunity ranging from one month to one year after completing his second year in April 2024. He is dedicated to engaging in creative activities to enhance his chances and has a keen interest in both the exterior and interior design of automobiles, as well as modelling work.

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Sehun Park