This New VW Concept By Tadeas Cech Is Embracing Analog And Digital Harmony In Automotive Design

Tadeas Cech's project is a cutting-edge exploration at the crossroads of traditional analogue design and the advancing digital technologies changing the automotive industry. Collaborating with Gravity Sketch for digital 3D design and Volkswagen, Cech aims to connect hands-on analogue design with the limitless possibilities of digital tools. This groundbreaking journey marks a departure from traditional approaches by exploring the nuanced relationship between hands-on design and the precision of digital technology. The project, contrasting analogue and digital elements, not only reflects the ongoing evolution of automotive design but also prompts questions about how each dimension shapes the future of vehicle aesthetics and functionality.

The Marriage of Aesthetics and Engineering Precision

Cech's vision goes beyond the ordinary as he pioneers cutting-edge folding doors specifically made for cars. These doors use advanced folding materials, like those in folding displays, and include smart sensors, seamlessly blending style with practicality. The innovative design not only makes user convenience better but also marks a significant advance in how cars look.

Cech's crafted folding doors change how we see car entrances, creating a harmonious mix of form and function. This combination of stylish looks and advanced engineering not only makes future vehicles more visually appealing but also turns the everyday act of getting in and out into a stylish experience. This design shows a commitment to pushing the limits of door technology, making the usual task of entry and exit captivating and elegant.

Folding doors in car design offer exciting possibilities by adding a new element to the visual experience and pushing engineering limits. Visionaries like Cech see themselves as trailblazers, discovering ideas that captivate today's audience and foresee the changing preferences of future car enthusiasts. By embracing the idea of folding doors, designers set out to redefine how vehicles look and seek creative solutions that match the constantly evolving world of car design and meet user expectations.

The seamless integration of folding doors marks a crucial part of the ongoing story of automotive progress. It represents the fusion of elegance and engineering skill, offering a glimpse into the future of car design. A notable accomplishment in this effort is a carefully crafted 1:4 scale model. This model not only reflects the animation's elegance but also features fully functional folding doors, showcasing the precision engineering and design skill invested in the project. 

The 1:4 scale model serves as a tangible representation of the visionary concept, bringing together refined aesthetics and detailed engineering. The fully functional folding doors on this model not only highlight technical expertise but also demonstrate a dedication to turning imaginative designs into practical realities. This accomplishment emphasizes the importance of combining artistic vision with technical precision in the pursuit of reshaping automotive design.


Tadeas Cech's project is a significant milestone, showcasing the continuous evolution of the industry and signalling exciting possibilities in the future of automotive design. It highlights the need to push boundaries, not just for innovation's sake, but to consistently raise the standards of automotive design. The commitment to excellence in this project sets an example for aspiring designers and industry enthusiasts, inspiring a collective journey toward a future where the blend of elegance, engineering skill, and visionary concepts becomes the standard.


Tadeas, a 22-year-old designer, is currently exploring the world of transportation design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Under the guidance of the visionary Mr. Stefan Klein, an innovator renowned for his contributions to flying car technology, Tadeas is fueled by a deep passion for design and a keen interest in shaping the future. He is channelling his creativity and skills into the field of automotive innovation and is currently interning at Volkswagen Design.

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