New Avions Voisin Concept Envisioned By Yang Hang With A Modern Design

Avions Voisin, a revered French brand from 1919 to 1958, impacted the automotive and aviation industries. The company, founded by Gabriel Voisin, who transitioned from aviation to automobiles, quickly gained recognition for its luxurious cars and groundbreaking engineering. Renowned for its innovation, Avions Voisin symbolized elegance and technological excellence. Avions Voisin was renowned in automotive design for its avant-garde style and meticulous craftsmanship. Each vehicle exuded luxury, featuring sleek lines, luxurious interiors, and innovative engineering. These cars were favoured by the elite, including royalty, celebrities, and industrialists, solidifying their reputation as a symbol of prestige and sophistication.

The Vision Behind the Design

In redesigning the Limousine, the designer's main aim is to capture luxury at its core. He followed four key themes guiding our design:

Aviation Inspiration: The design takes cues from the intricate details and allure of aircraft design. The designer aims to incorporate sleek lines, precise engineering, and refined aesthetics, synonymous with aviation, into the Limousine, adding sophistication and innovation.

French Influence: He is further dedicated to infusing modern French luxury and style into Limousine. Inspired by the rich history of French design, he aims to create an interior that radiates elegance, refinement, and timeless beauty, honouring the legacy of Avions Voisin and its impact on luxury cars.

Embracing Nature: Sustainability is central to his design philosophy. He prioritizes using natural, eco-friendly materials in the Limousine's construction, from responsibly sourced wood to organic fabrics and recycled materials. This minimizes the environmental impact while creating a luxurious and welcoming interior.

Enhanced Travel Experience: This Limousine concept is designed to enhance the travel experience, especially for long journeys. The designer focuses on comfort, convenience, and functionality by incorporating adjustable seating, top-notch entertainment systems, advanced connectivity, and intuitive controls. Every aspect is carefully crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

Harmonizing Form and Function

Starting this journey, the designer imagined the Limousine as a haven for travellers, like the luxurious comforts of first-class air travel. The elongated body of the Limousine allowed for distinct spaces. The front area offers openness, providing panoramic views like a French balcony, while the rear offers a secluded lounge for relaxation and privacy. Building on this idea, he envisioned turning the vehicle into a premium mobile retreat, similar to a luxurious bed and breakfast experience. Structural modifications, such as adding a floor-to-ceiling window at the front, create a cosy living room, with the rear serving as a comfortable bedroom. This innovative design concept offers an exclusive visual journey for the discerning traveller.

In the final design, focusing on luxury long-distance travel and environmental sustainability, the designer added a sloping front windshield to reduce wind resistance. The interior features a versatile moveable instrument panel (IP), which doubles as a footrest and storage unit, blending functionality with elegance seamlessly. Additionally, a minibar console at the rear provides convenience, complete with an automatic pouring and cleaning system.

In choosing colours and materials, the designer was inspired by the scenic coastal landscape of Etretat in Normandy. He aimed to capture the contrast between the rugged white cliffs and the serene blue sea by blending textures and hues harmoniously. Eco-friendly paper shells mimic the texture of white stone for structural elements, while luxurious blue velvet represents the azure ocean, creating a captivating visual contrast.


Reviving Avions Voisin isn't just about honouring the past; it's about shaping the future of automotive craftsmanship. By blending heritage with innovation and sustainability, the Voisin marque aims to regain its status as a symbol of prestige, elegance, and technological excellence in the 21st century.

About Designer

Yang Hang is an automotive design student from China, currently pursuing a master's degree at Strate Ecole de Design in France. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University and gained internship experience at GAC Guangzhou and BYD Shenzhen. With a focus on interior design, Yang aims to create designs that intersect technology and humanity.

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