This Latest GAC Urbana Concept By Bonifacio Duller Is A Canvas For Self-expression In The Urban Jungle

In a world dominated by conformity and AI, the GAC Urbana rebels. It's more than a vehicle; it's a refuge for those who defy norms. It fosters expression and creativity, urging passengers to think outside the box. With its stylish design and advanced tech, it lets people chase their dreams freely, turning streets into creative spaces.

Paris will experience a surge in urban escapism amidst its diverse cityscape and rapid growth by 2040. Despite AI's advantages, people crave genuine experiences and creativity. As technology becomes more prevalent, Parisians seek authenticity in the city's history. They start to value human connection and individuality, seeking refuge from digital overload. 

The Rise of Urban Escapism

As AI becomes more common in our lives, younger people are yearning for less technology domination. This echoes the trend of "neo-nostalgia" in Gen Z, where they embrace retro-futuristic styles. In the future, the next generation might want a world where AI doesn't control everything. The growth of AI has brought many advantages, but it also raises concerns about its widespread impact. Younger people may want more control over their lives in a world where algorithms and automation control so much. Like Gen Z, who like retro styles to rebel against technology, future generations might prefer places where human creativity is valued over AI efficiency. This doesn't mean rejecting technology but finding a balance where innovation supports human expression and connection.

Given this cultural shift, it's vital to think about a vehicle that does more than just transport. That's where the GAC Urbana comes in - it's not only about going from one place to another; it's a symbol of standing out, a way to express yourself in the busy city. It challenges the idea of what a vehicle should be, giving riders a chance to break free from daily routines and be themselves. With its cool design and new features, the GAC Urbana turns commuting into something more.

Reimagining Urban Mobility

Imagine the GAC Urbana not just as a way to get around, but as a hub for urban activities. It's designed to be more than transportation—it's a space where people can engage in skateboarding, parkour, and urban art, all while seamlessly blending into the cityscape. Picture a dynamic environment where individuals move freely, expressing themselves and interacting with the urban landscape in new and exciting ways. The GAC Urbana transforms the concept of a vehicle into a versatile platform for urban exploration and creativity.

The design of the GAC Urbana is deeply influenced by the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of urban environments. It captures the essence of its primary users—individuals who are bold, unapologetic, and fiercely independent. Drawing inspiration from the raw and disruptive energy of city life, the GAC Urbana's design language mirrors the rugged geometry of skate parks. Its aesthetic incorporates elements reminiscent of ramps and half-pipes, evoking a sense of adventure and freedom. This design approach not only enhances the vehicle's visual appeal but also reflects its intended purpose as a versatile platform for urban exploration and self-expression.

The GAC Urbana is not just about looks; sustainability is a core principle. Its construction incorporates bio-plastic materials for the body panels and 3D-printed carbon fibre for the lightweight frame. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures durability, making the vehicle well-suited for the demands of urban exploration. By prioritizing sustainability, the GAC Urbana sets a new standard for eco-friendly transportation without compromising performance or style.


In a society where conformity is the norm, the GAC Urbana emerges as a symbol of rebellion. It transcends its role as merely a method of transportation; it's a declaration, a haven for those seeking sanctuary from the omnipresence of artificial intelligence. So, cast aside conventions, embrace the unpredictability, and unite in the movement with GAC Urbana - where the streets become your playground and creativity flourish without limits.

About Designer

Bonifacio Duller is from Detroit, Michigan, and studied at CCS. After graduating in 2023, he interned at GM several times. His interest in car design began in childhood when a family friend, a car designer, shared their experiences. Now, Bonifacio works at Ford as an advanced designer, mentored by the same person who introduced him to the field. He looks forward to future opportunities as a designer, excited to see how design shapes the world.

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