A Game-changer Concept By Jonghyun Kang In The World Of Open Corporate Mobility

In the dynamic environment of modern business, the ability to adapt and innovate is crucial for success. A revolutionary solution called MS GRID represents a significant advancement in open business mobility. This groundbreaking platform was conceptualized as part of Jonghyun Kang's BA thesis project at Hongik University in 2022. MS GRID epitomizes the integration of software and hardware, offering a new solution for corporate mobility.

MS GRID helps businesses handle today's fast-changing landscape by combining software and hardware smoothly. This blend boosts flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness for organizations. It simplifies operations and encourages innovation. With MS GRID, teams can collaborate easily, no matter where they are. Its user-friendly design and strong infrastructure make remote work simple, improving productivity. Plus, it adapts to different business setups, letting companies customize solutions to fit their needs.

Embracing the Values of Collaboration, Connectivity, and Transparency

The idea behind MS GRID comes from the belief that software will greatly impact future mobility. As big tech companies like Microsoft move into the automotive sector, there's a focus on creating software with unique features that suit individual users, which also affects how hardware is designed. Collaboration, connectivity, and transparency are crucial in today's business world. However, many companies hesitate to share information due to confidentiality worries. MS GRID aims to overcome these barriers by providing a networking platform that makes connections smooth and boosts efficiency, signalling the start of a new era in open business methods.

MS GRID comprises two integral components: GRIDNET (software) and GRID Studio & Hub (hardware), each designed to cater to distinct business needs

GRIDNET: The Backbone of Open Business Networking

GRIDNET is the main component of MS GRID, acting as a map-based networking platform deeply integrated into Microsoft's system. By being part of GRID Mobilities, GRIDNET helps businesses improve connectivity and collaboration. It works as a central hub, making interactions and sharing information between companies smooth. With its advanced mapping tech, GRIDNET visually shows businesses their network, making it easy to find connections and opportunities.

GRID Studio: Redefining Business Travel with Mobile-Office Mobility

GRID Studio is a cutting-edge innovation in corporate mobility. This sedan-based mobile-office mobility boasts a distinctive feature—the "Open Air Lounge made specifically for business trips and meetings. This sets it apart by turning the rear cabin into a spacious terrace-like area, changing how remote offices work and presentations are done.

This clever design not only gives a comfortable workspace but also offers a flexible setup for presentations and discussions. Turning the rear cabin into an open-air lounge creates a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for productive meetings and brainstorming. Plus, GRID Studio's adaptability makes business travel easier. Whether it's preparing for a client pitch or having team meetings while on the move, this mobile office makes things more convenient and efficient for busy professionals.

GRID Hub: Powering Smart Fulfillment in Logistics

In logistics, GRID Hub is a big change. It's a commercial truck that does two jobs: it's a "Dynamic Hub" where loads can easily be swapped between docked vehicles. This makes logistics work better and gives more flexibility in managing the supply chain. This smooth exchange of goods doesn't just cut downtime, but also makes better use of resources, saving money and making operations more efficient. Plus, GRID Hub can handle different types of cargo, making it useful for lots of different needs.

Using GRID Hub helps businesses make their supply chain run smoother, shorten delivery times, and react faster to changes in demand. Overall, this new way of doing logistics helps companies stay nimble and competitive in today's fast-paced market.

Empowering Business Through GRIDNET: A Closer Look

GRIDNET changes how businesses interact with its versatile features:

  • Support and Connectivity: GRIDNET lets users track supported companies in real time, promoting smooth collaboration.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Detailed company profiles and credibility metrics make it easy to find and evaluate companies, helping users make informed decisions.
  • Immersive News Feed: The "NEWS" feature provides real-time updates and AR content, keeping users informed about industry news and company progress.
  • Efficient Service Management: The "MANAGE" feature gives businesses precise control over service operations, improving workflow and productivity.

Overall, GRIDNET revolutionizes business interaction by offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies communication, aids discovery, provides timely information, and enhances service management.

Driving Innovation Towards Open Business

MS GRID goes beyond old business ways, offering a fresh take on how companies move and work together. It focuses on being open, connected, and innovative, paving the way for a future where businesses can do well in a connected world. Plus, MS GRID makes sure businesses can easily connect and share information in real time, no matter where they are. This helps them stay quick and responsive to changes in the market and new opportunities.

Innovation is key with MS GRID, always pushing for better ways to do things. By embracing new technologies and ideas, it helps businesses stay ahead and make the most of new trends. Overall, MS GRID changes how companies think about moving and working together. Focusing on being open, connected, and innovative, lays the groundwork for a future where businesses can thrive in a connected and dynamic world.

About Designer

Jonghyun Kang graduated from Hongik University in Korea with a bachelor's degree in Mobility Design. With experience in future mobility user experience, Kang collaborated on projects with Hyundai Motor Group and interned at design studios, gaining valuable practical skills. Outside of studies, Kang led a startup producing reusable tableware products and operated a café since 2021.

With three years of experience, Kang is keen to re-enter the field of mobility design and is actively seeking new opportunities. 

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