The New Porsche Mission S Concept by Zhe Huang Is Revolutionizing Racing For All

In professional racing, it's been tough for fans to get involved due to the complexity and cost. Many people have wanted to experience the excitement of the track but couldn't. The designer wants to provide a solution with the new Porsche Mission S. This project aims to make racing easier to access, so everyone can enjoy the thrill of motorsports.

The Porsche Mission S is a new kind of concept car that mixes the speed of a super-fast car with the space of a big family car. It's called the Hyper Racing MPV. This idea is different from what cars usually do, and it shows how cars can do more than we thought. The Porsche Mission S is big, measuring 5.6 meters long, 2.1 meters wide, and 1.26 meters tall. It can fit up to five people, even a professional racer. This car proves that Porsche wants to make cars better and more exciting for everyone.

Inspired by Innovation

The Mission S car's design is inspired by a famous science fiction book called "The Three-Body" by Liu Cixin. It looks sleek and fast, like old Porsche racing cars such as the Porsche 908 and Vision Gran Turismo. This car is a nod to Porsche's long history of racing, but it also uses new technology to look towards the future. It has smooth lines and shapes that make it look fast, just like the old racing cars. But it also has some new stuff, like special materials and cool features that show Porsche is ready for what's next in the car world.

The Mission S project aims to bring together both casual car fans and serious racers. Porsche, known for making high-performance luxury cars, is introducing a super-fast Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that mixes comfort with top-notch performance. This new approach welcomes people from different backgrounds to enjoy the excitement of racing. The Mission S can seat up to five people, making it great for taking friends and family along for a ride on the track. But what makes it special is its focus on speed and performance. Everything about the Mission S, from its sleek design to its advanced technology, is made to give you an adrenaline rush like never before.

Versatility Meets Performance

Behind its cool and sleek design, the Mission S is packed with amazing engineering. It's been carefully crafted to give you an awesome driving experience. Its design, with a long, smooth back end like classic Porsche cars made for speed, is just the start. Plus, it has cool doors inspired by the ones you'd see in Le Mans racing cars and a super advanced electric drive system that shows how precise and innovative it is. 

Even though it's born from racing, the Mission S isn't only for the racetrack. It's versatile, so it's just as good for driving around town as it is for tearing up the track. Its height is perfect for handling city streets without a hitch, giving you a comfy ride wherever you go.

The designer knows that every driver is different. That's why he made two versions of the Mission S. There's a black edition for those who love speed and excitement, ready to push the boundaries. And then there's a white edition for those who prefer a more laid-back, relaxed drive. With these choices, everyone can find the perfect Mission S for them.


In today's changing automotive world, the Porsche Mission S stands out for its innovation and inclusivity. By redefining who can enjoy racing and pushing car limits, Porsche shows its commitment to shaping future mobility. With the Mission S, professional racing excitement isn't only for a few – anyone can experience it if they dare to dream.

In short, the Porsche Mission S isn't just a car – it's revolutionary, leading us toward a future where racing joy isn't limited by your identity or background.

About Designer

Zhe (Gigi) Huang, hailing from China, was born in 2000 and has spent over three years studying car design. After graduating from BUAA, Huang is now studying transportation design at Strate School of Design. Initially studying industrial design at Beihang University, Huang's desire to become an exterior car designer led to self-learning in automobile design, ultimately resulting in acceptance to Strate School of Design for postgraduate studies.

Huang gained valuable experience through two internships. From April to August 2023, Huang worked as an exterior designer at Studiokurbos in Shanghai. Following this, from October 2023 to January 2024, Huang held a position as a senior exterior designer at BYD Design in Shenzhen.

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