The New Aston Martin Vigor By Avinash Sharma Is A Blend Of Classic Curves And Futuristic Dynamism

  Feb 27, 2024

The Aston Martin Vigor combines futuristic dynamism with timeless elegance, embodying the essence of grand touring. This concept has always appealed to drivers who appreciate the blend of performance and luxury. With its classic GT car proportions and design, the Vigor is a tribute to Aston Martin's heritage. Aston Martin has a storied history of crafting grand tourers, with the DB5 being a standout example. The Vigor draws inspiration from the DB5's elegance, as seen in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. This inspiration fueled the creation of the Vigor, which seamlessly merges classic elegance with modern design elements.

The new design seamlessly blends classic elegance with a forward-thinking approach

The design of the Aston Martin Vigor is a captivating fusion of classic Aston Martin curves and futuristic dynamism. It pays homage to the brand's rich heritage while embracing modernity. The Vigor features classic Grand Touring proportions, including a long hood that houses the traditional V12 engine, and a spacious rear end for ample luggage space, ideal for long trips.

Aston Martin's back catalogue, particularly the 1970 DBS, is a significant source of inspiration for this project. This model represented a departure from the more organic design language of the DB5, presenting a bold and muscular package that influenced the Vigor's design ethos. The result is a vehicle that seamlessly blends classic elegance with a forward-thinking approach, capturing the essence of Aston Martin's legacy while embracing the future.

During the design process, two themes were established to guide and structure the ideation process. The first theme was centred around creating a transition from sharp to smooth elements, with a particular emphasis on developing the exterior with a more aggressive aesthetic. This was achieved by incorporating strong, straight cuts into the side silhouette, adding to the assertiveness of the overall look. The inspiration for this theme was drawn from dynamic-looking sculptures, which often convey a sense of fluidity and movement while maintaining a strong and impactful presence. The goal with this theme was to create a visually striking design that would stand out and make a statement.

On the other hand, the second theme was inspired by organic and elegant forms, focusing on creating a more seamless and harmonious bodywork. This was achieved by emphasizing softer and more organic elements in the design, resulting in a more fluid and cohesive overall look. The inspiration for this theme came from sculptures that exuded a sense of grace and elegance, with smooth curves and flowing lines. The goal of this theme was to create a more refined and sophisticated design, focusing on creating a sense of harmony and balance.

Overall, these two themes provided a clear direction for the design process, guiding the designer towards creating a vehicle that was both visually striking and elegant, with a strong sense of presence and a cohesive overall look. The combination of sharp and smooth elements, along with the focus on organic and elegant forms, resulted in a design that was both assertive and refined, making a bold statement while also exuding a sense of sophistication and grace.

For the Final Theme, the designer aimed to merge elements from both themes, placing a stronger emphasis on the second theme. This choice was deemed fitting, especially considering Aston Martin's Design Language. Elements from the first theme were incorporated to infuse the concept with a dynamic and aggressive appearance. A notable example is the integration of side vents, which begin with a sharp, vertical cut that then transitions into a smooth and organic surface as it merges with the bodywork.

The Final Design of the Vigor

The final design of the Vigor draws inspiration from sculptures with visually sharp elements that transition into smooth and organic surfaces. The car displays a sleek and imposing appearance while also showcasing an elegant and slightly mystical aura, resembling the iconic Aston Martins from the past, particularly models from the DB series and the Vantage V8 of the 1980s. The concept embodies a fusion of sharp features with organic surfaces, suggesting aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the undeniable allure of Aston Martin.

At the front of the Vigor, a new vent is positioned in the middle, offering a unique interpretation inspired by the traditional Aston grille. This design decision was made to avoid a large, gaping hole in the front fascia, thereby imparting a more lightweight and active feel to the car. Additionally, this design element envisions a different front fascia for future Aston Martin lineups. The headlights and tail lights seamlessly blend with the bodywork, borrowing their shape from models like the DB10 and DB11 to infuse the distinct signature Aston DNA into the Vigor's design.


With the arrival of the EV era, mass-market cars will likely become mere functional machines. While there will be exciting options for EV enthusiasts, none will match the experience of a traditional engine, which brings the car to life. This emotional connection may soon be forgotten, but for certain gentleman drivers who value style, exclusivity, and an exhilarating driving experience, a GT car that sets them apart from the rest is preferred. The Aston Martin Vigor has been designed with this target audience in mind, showcasing an exceptional blend of elegant heritage and future dynamism. Its design speaks of effortless speed and whispered luxury.

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Avinash, born in 2003, is a driven individual currently studying Industrial Design with a focus on automotive design. His passion for cars is evident, as he has been independently learning about them since a young age. This combination of formal education and self-driven learning enables him to offer a unique perspective, blending fresh ideas with industry knowledge. Driven by his ambition to make a lasting impact, he actively seeks international opportunities to contribute his automotive design skills. He excels in collaborative environments and is eager to learn from diverse teams while making a meaningful impact on the global automotive landscape.

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