The New DS Sports Car By Mathys Is Embracing Luxury In The Era Of Automation

  Mar 16, 2024

Soon, in 2050, humanity stands on the brink of a big change. Robots now outnumber humans, marking a major shift. But in this whirlwind of technology, a new idea emerged: Inverted Luxury. Automation is now part of daily life, with robots doing jobs once done by people. This changes how we see luxury. It's not just about having fancy things or showing off wealth anymore. Luxury in 2050 is about simplicity, realness, and connection.

Traditionally, luxury means being lavish and having a lot. It's about showing off wealth and owning many things. But now, with technology, the meaning of luxury is changing. It's not just about stuff anymore. It's about quality and importance. Instead of having tons of things, it's about having valuable things and experiences. The new DS Sports Car Is also a new idea of luxury that values simplicity.

A Paradoxical Beauty

This concept draws inspiration from French poet Pierre Corneille, embodying the concept of paradoxical beauty. It combines contrasting elements: the precise coldness of technology with the comforting warmth of organic simplicity. The designer has named this concept "Obscure Clarté," which suggests a mysterious glow emerging from darkness. It contemplates light and shadow, order and chaos, familiarity and strangeness.

The fusion of technology and organic elements served as a metaphor for the interplay between humanity and the modern world, inviting us to reconsider our perception of beauty and appreciate the allure of the unexpected harmony within discord. The Art of Travel gets a fresh look at the DS Inverted Luxury concept car. It's not just about getting to a destination; it's about immersing yourself in a lively and expressive journey. Everything, from the vehicle's design to its interior, is carefully crafted to create a smooth and comfortable experience.

This new luxury concept breaks away from the old ideas of luxury travel. It's not just about looks; the inside of the Inverted Luxury vehicle is a haven of comfort. Every detail, from the materials to the features, is chosen to make passengers feel relaxed and refreshed. Further, Soft leather seats and soothing lighting make every trip a pleasure.

The Sports car concept for DS also redefines what top-notch service means. It focuses on giving passengers personalized experiences tailored to their preferences. Whether it's gourmet meals from renowned chefs or handpicked entertainment, every part of the journey is meant to impress and delight.

The Human-Centric Approach of DS

In a world increasingly shaped by automation and technology, human connection and personalized experiences are more important than ever. Inverted Luxury stands out in this environment where efficiency often comes before individuality. It redefines luxury by putting human needs first. This car changes how we think about the driving experience. Instead of just getting from point A to point B, vehicles become extensions of ourselves, adapting to our needs and desires.

At the core of this concept is the idea of complete contrast. This means mixing extravagant elements with simple ones to create a fascinating visual and experiential puzzle. It's like an optical illusion that challenges our usual ideas about luxury and changes how we think about it. This idea of contrast runs through every part of the Inverted Luxury experience. The designer blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and mixes indulgence with sustainability to challenge expectations and excite your senses.


Now as we navigate the complexities of the future, Inverted Luxury emerges as a beacon of innovation and elegance. It's a testament to our ability to embrace change while staying true to the essence of what makes us human. In a world where robots become supreme, it's the human spirit that ultimately defines true luxury.

About Designer

Following the French classes at Strate School of Design, Mathys Bourbigot began to hone his skills and focus on his favourite design department in his third year. In the first semester, he was presented with the exciting opportunity to delve into all aspects of Automotive design, including both Exterior and Interior design, as well as Color Material and Finishes, through a one-month Masterclass project. It was during this time, in 2021, that Mathys decided to embark on a project aimed at revitalizing the current DS Automobile brand.

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