An IAAD Student With His Dune Concept Brings Up A Solution To Tackle The Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is a big problem for many poor countries right now. And it's getting worse in the future. Many reports say by 2050, we might have half as much clean water as we need. But there's hope. A student from IAAD Turin has visualised a solution for it and here we have the "Dune" which is a cool idea to help with this. It's not just an idea; it's a new way to solve the problem by having fun, being fair, and working together.

Water isn't just important for staying alive; it's essential to every part of human life. It keeps us healthy and allows us to have fun. Water has always been meaningful to people throughout history, representing both time and life. It's something that brings us all together, no matter where we're from or what our culture is.

As the name suggests, the solution got its inspiration from the movie Dune

The origins of "Dune" can be traced back to the release of the film "Dune" in 2021. This movie depicted a dystopian world facing severe water shortages, vividly illustrating the challenges of living in such an environment. The desolate landscapes and scarcity-driven storyline of the film served as inspiration for the designers behind "Dune." Drawing from the visual aesthetics and thematic elements of the movie, the design student from IAAD Design School set out to create a ground transportation solution that would be well-suited for a future where access to water could indeed become a luxury.

He carefully considered the harsh realities portrayed in the film. He envisioned a vehicle that could navigate through rugged terrains and arid landscapes, while also addressing the pressing need for conservation and sustainability. Taking cues from the film's depiction of barren environments and resource scarcity, "dune" emerges as more than just a mode of transportation—it represents a forward-thinking solution to the challenges posed by an uncertain future. 

With its sleek design and innovative features, "Dune" embodies the spirit of adaptation and resilience in the face of adversity. It serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of creativity and ingenuity in addressing pressing global issues such as water scarcity. As society grapples with the implications of climate change and dwindling natural resources, "Dune" stands as a testament to human innovation and the power of cinema to inspire real-world solutions.

The Innovative Design and Functionality of "Dune"

Dune" isn't just for transportation; it's an amazing adventure. Using its app, people can rent a vehicle and explore barren landscapes, having a unique experience. What makes "Dune" special is how it promotes unity and fights water scarcity. Along the way, users find checkpoints where they can donate water from special containers. These containers come in different sizes, affecting how the vehicle drives. As users travel through harsh terrain, they're not just passengers; they're actively helping. Donating water at checkpoints helps tackle water scarcity together. This not only makes the journey better but also shows how important teamwork is.

Also, the different container sizes add a challenge. Users have to decide between carrying more water for donations and keeping the vehicle running smoothly. This makes the adventure more interesting, making people think about saving resources.


In summary, "Dune" represents a perfect mix of fun and kindness, wrapped in a visually appealing design. Its bold colours and unique shape stand out in desolate surroundings, offering aid to those who require it. Beyond being just a vehicle, "dune" shows how each person's actions can make a difference in creating a brighter tomorrow for future generations. By supporting initiatives like "Dune" together, we move towards a future where water scarcity is a thing of the past.

About Designer

Emanuele Mangeruca is a 22-year-old Italian student currently in his third and final year at IAAD in Turin. He has always had a passion for art, which was passed down to him by his father. Over time, this passion has evolved into a fervent interest and obsession with design in all its forms and expressions. After high school, he managed to combine his boundless passion for design with his love for vehicles, thanks to his enrollment at IAAD. Now, he finds himself having to reconcile his passions with his skills to develop his thesis in transportation design.

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Emanuele Mangeruca