New VW 2024 Concept is enhancing the Urban Mobility Experience

Jun 09, 2024

In busy cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing, life moves fast through crowded streets and narrow alleys. Finding a parking spot in this chaos can be very difficult, especially for people who don't need a big car. That's where the Volkswagen SEED concept comes in to change urban mobility.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project from Yunxing Ma and not an official project from VW

This VW 2024 concept is designed to improve urban mobility. It's more than just a car; it's a smart solution for city driving. Imagine a sleek, sporty vehicle with adjustable width. Its narrow frame makes it easy to navigate through busy streets and find parking. But, it can also expand to fit four adults comfortably. This concept's organic and streamlined look blends well with modern cityscapes. Even when parked, it looks like an elegant sculpture, enhancing the urban environment.

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At the heart of the VW SEED's design lies inspiration drawn from nature's ingenuity—the humble seed. Just like a seed unfurls into a plant, SEED's design unfolds in two parts, allowing for seamless transformation and adaptability. Its teardrop-shaped profile exudes a sense of fluidity and grace, perfectly complementing the futuristic landscape of urban architecture. With a design language that emphasizes visual lightness and coherence, this concept stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function.

Inspired by the nature

The foundation of the design is the large frame that encloses and envelops the entire interior. Here's how it operates: the body comprises two layers—an inner elastic metal body and an outer glass shell. The flexible metal body can extend and encompass the two layers of the glass shell. When you step inside the latest VW concept, you will be greeted by a simple yet thoughtfully curated interior, designed to cater to basic needs while ensuring passenger comfort, even amid traffic gridlock. The driver's seat resembles an armchair, inviting relaxation, while the rear transforms into a cosy sofa, easily accommodating multiple passengers. 

Thanks to its innovative layout, SEED seamlessly transitions between a 1+1 seating arrangement for a more intimate journey or a 1+3 set up to accommodate a growing family.

The interior of this new VW 2024 concept isn't just about comfort—it's about adaptability. With a fixed front row and a transformable rear sofa, it anticipates the evolving needs of urban dwellers. Need space for a stroller or an additional child seat? No problem. SEED's flexible design ensures there's always room to spare. Moreover, integrated into the car's body shell is a dashboard that not only houses essential controls but also incorporates air vents and a scent system, ensuring a refreshing ambience inside the cabin.

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Furthermore, a section of the vehicle's left-side body shell extends inward to create the dashboard. Primarily, its role is to incorporate air vents for filtering air from the front end and directing it into the cabin, along with housing a scent system. This innovative concept doesn't just keep you comfortable; it keeps you connected. The steering wheel, cleverly concealed under the dashboard, offers the flexibility to switch between manual and automatic driving modes effortlessly. Meanwhile, a modular screen allows for seamless integration with your smartphone or tablet, providing access to a range of interactive functions. Whether it's navigation assistance or entertainment options, this VW conept puts the power at your fingertips.  


In a time of fast-growing cities and changing lifestyles, this new VW 2024 concept shines as a symbol of innovation. It's Volkswagen's way of showing how the future of city driving can be different. With a compact and versatile design inspired by nature, SEED is made for comfort and adaptability. This vehicle is set to change how we move around our cities. As we move towards a more sustainable and connected future, VW SEED leads the way, pointing us towards a brighter tomorrow.

Yunxing Ma