A new age supercar concept by a team of young designers

Jul 03, 2024

The dream of crafting a supercar has been a lifelong passion of Chris Mayer, inspired by automotive legends like Christian von Koenigsegg and Horatio Pagani, who transformed their youthful visions into masterpieces. His dream started as simple sketches and has evolved into detailed clay models, intricate 3D designs, and stunning renders. It's not just about building a car—it's about creating an enduring legacy in the world of automotive excellence. This journey is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology, and setting new standards in design and performance. The vision becomes clearer with each step, and the passion to revolutionize the supercar industry grows stronger.

The dream of designing this supercar concept took a significant leap forward at an entrepreneur academy, a breeding ground for innovation and ambition. Here, skills were sharpened, and a network of like-minded visionaries was built. The academy provided an environment for refining ideas and strategies. Presenting the business plan to fellow entrepreneurs attracted the interest of Gareth van Rijn, the (3D) designer and one more talented individual who shared this vision. Together, they are laying the foundation for a supercar company that aims to redefine technology, design, and performance.

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The exterior of this supercar concept blends art and engineering and is designed to captivate not only through performance but also through its stunning appearance. Emphasizing aerodynamic efficiency, sculpted lines, and a bold presence, the design philosophy experiments with advanced materials and fabrication techniques to create a lightweight yet robust structure. Exterior design ensures that the car is visually striking and aerodynamically optimized. 

The interior of this supercar is designed with the utmost attention to the driver's experience. Luxury, comfort, functionality, and intuitiveness are at the forefront. The vision includes cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and craftsmanship to create an unparalleled driving environment. Every control is strategically placed, and every detail exudes quality and sophistication. The interior of this concept is sought to bring innovative ideas and practical solutions, enhancing the experience for both driver and passenger.

Imagine the core of a high-speed machine, the foundation of its amazing performance. That's the chassis – the backbone of the supercar. The vision of the design team is to design a chassis that combines strength, safety, and agility. We use advanced composite materials and smart engineering to reduce weight while enhancing strength. The result is a supercar that handles like a dream, precise and responsive, yet always feels solid and safe. The team at Mayer Automotive need chassis engineers skilled in structural analysis to help develop this high-performance platform, meeting strict safety and performance standards.

The engine is the heart of their supercar. It’s not just about raw power but about finding the perfect balance. They aim to create an exciting driving experience that is also environmentally friendly.

The mission is to craft a new generation of supercars that not only push the limits of performance and design but also set new benchmarks for innovation and sustainability. The journey calls for experts and visionaries whose creativity and expertise can bring this bold vision to life. Join this groundbreaking initiative and become a vital part of shaping the future of automotive excellence.

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Chris Mayer

Gareth van Rijn