New Cupra Luz combines gamification & emotional design for a driving experience like no other

Jul 09, 2024

In a time when cars are more than just a way to get around but also a part of our personal identity, New CUPRA Luz stands out. This vehicle is designed with great attention to the driver and follows CUPRA's unique design style. Aimed at tech-savvy Generation Z, CUPRA Luz blends fun gaming elements with emotional design to offer a driving experience like no other.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project from INGEUN LEE and not an official concept from Cupra

At the heart of CUPRA Luz is its most unique feature: light. This isn't just for decoration; it's a key part of the car's interior design, meant to create an emotional and surprising journey for both the driver and passengers. When drivers enter the car, a projector in the climate control system casts light onto their clothes, creating the illusion that they're wearing a new outfit. This sets a unique mood for the drive. The driver's cockpit is a model of futuristic design, surrounded by crystal materials that interact with the driver through light. This combination of light and crystal brings the car to life, creating a deeper connection between the driver and the vehicle.

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The vibrant movement of light across the crystal surfaces ensures that the driver feels a unique bond with the car. This interaction makes the driving experience truly special and unlike any other.

Passenger Experience Redefined in the new Cupra Luz

While the driver's seat is all about interaction and dynamism, the passenger seat offers a contrasting experience. The dashboard features a light installation that highlights the presence of an advanced AI, providing a serene and mechanical atmosphere. This deliberate division of interior ambience ensures that passengers experience a calm and composed environment, in stark contrast to the energetic driver's seat. CUPRA Luz doesn't forget those in the back seats.

A projector mounted on the centre console beams light onto the ceiling, transforming the rear cabin into a canvas of new experiences. Passengers can immerse themselves in a visual spectacle that turns every ride into exploring new spaces, making even the most mundane journeys exciting and fresh.

This Cupra concept is a vision of the future of driving. By making light a central part of its design, it creates an environment where technology and emotion blend perfectly. This vehicle shows CUPRA's dedication to innovation and its understanding of what Generation Z wants and needs. In a world where personal expression and technology are crucial, CUPRA Luz stands out as an example of what’s possible. Its creative use of light, dynamic driver interaction, and customized passenger experiences change the way we think about cars. This concept car invites drivers and passengers to embrace a future where every drive is an adventure and every moment is special. With CUPRA Luz, each trip becomes an experience filled with light and excitement.