Talbot-Lago TypeMM : Siddhartha Dutt


The aim of this project was to visualize an all-wheel drive and all-electric super GT produced by the long forgotten yet iconic French automobile maker, Talbot-Lago. The new Talbot is set in the year 2027 to keep the approach towards the architecture and design realistic yet slightly futuristic. 

In a world that is moving away from the ownership of private vehicles and moving towards public transport or services such as Uber, the concept of owning a vehicle is still thriving. The fact that one of the most basic elements in human nature is to own certain things and not share it with other individuals cannot be denied.


This thesis is not proposed as an attempt to run against the use and the development of public transport rather it presents the fact that amongst all the innovations and developments in public transportation systems, the concept of owning a vehicle that an individual uses as a means to travel from point A to point B or to fuel his/her passion for automobiles will not just disappear into thin air. There will always be a demand for private vehicles at some level or the other. 


This thesis presents a Grand Tourer that keeps the idea or the passion of owning a vehicle alive and also, showcases that the demand for special exclusive vehicles has always been present in the market since the dawn of automobiles.


One key reason Talbot-Lago was selected to present this idea was because Siddhartha was able to find a plethora of UFO looking car design proposals by students and professionals for major car manufacturers all over the internet with ease but couldn’t find any attempts to revive this legendary automobile manufacturer. 

Another key reason was the rich history of these magnificent automobiles featuring beautiful-sculpturesque designs and clever engineering making them one of the most expensive yet extremely desirable vehicles of a bygone era. 


Initially, the vehicle was titled “Type 27” referring to the year the concept is set in but was later changed to “TypeMM” as Siddhartha dedicated the project to his father and aunt who passed away just weeks before I could complete the project. 


Throughout the sketching phase the goal was to look for forms that would not only deliver great proportions for a GT car but also embody and celebrate the bespoke styling of Talbots. 

Skateboard Platform

Since the project was aimed at being as close to realistic as possible the TypeMM was visualized with vehicle architecture and equipment that is currently available in the automobile industry. One of the many goals of a pure is to embody the best of the automobile world in one package offering style, comfort and thrill of driving. 


The skateboard chassis was designed to accommodate motors, batteries and all the other components required to power and drive the vehicle. The flexible architecture could be integrated into various body styles and sizes. 


The interior of the TypeMM is designed to be more spacious and comfortable than most GTs and supercars available in the current market. However, there’s no compromise in the fighter jet cockpit feel the user experiences. Premium synthetic leather covers the seats, dashboard, door panels, rear bench etc. providing a contrast against the machined metal and carbon fiber parts.

The center console consists of three control knobs with displays, the gear selector and the front/rear power adjuster. The driver and the passenger can access information and applications on their beautiful individual curved displays. 


To conclude the project, a set of three special variations of the TypeMM were produced. 

Saoutchik Edition-

This one-off colorway and white wall tires on the standard TyperMM attempts to visualize a modern rendition of the voluptuous and beautiful Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport by Jacques Saoutchik. 

Louis Rosier Edition-

Called the Louis Rosier Edition, this special rendition of the Talbot-Lago TypeMM features several aerodynamic upgrades and pays homage to the legendary French racing driver, Louis Rosier. Louis along with his son won perhaps the most significant title of Talbot’s racing history, the gruesome 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1939.

Gulf Edition- 

The special version features the instantly recognizable colors of the Gulf Oil livery worn by several motorsport icons in the past. 

About Designer

Siddhartha Dutt is a designer from India and had completed his bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Amity University Noida in July 2021. He is focused into developing innovative solutions that not only fulfil functional requirements but are also aesthetically pleasing. His passion for automobiles started right after he was born thanks to his father. Other than cars, he is passionate about Aircrafts and Watches, and basically anything that is well-designed regardless of the product category, age or manufacturer. He is currently looking for opportunities. You can check out more of his work on Behance.

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