The world’s first cobalt-free battery

Although laboratory testing is still on for most initiatives to produce electric vehicle (EV) (Electric Vehicle) batteries without heavy metals, a Chinese company named SVOLT announces that it is has developed the world’s first cobalt-free battery, according to a report. Even though the move towards EVs was designed to minimize our fossil fuel dependency and to promote a sustainable future, the lithium-ion battery business still harms the reputation of the EV industry.

Reducing Global Cobalt Dependency

Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured from rare heavy metals like cobalt, which are often commonly mined in places known for abuses of human rights and environmental devastation. For example, for Tesla to close the loop on EV battery recycling, the auto engineer revealed earlier this month that it could now recycle 92% of the battery cell components. Therefore, companies like Tesla, IBM, and Panasonic double their efforts to manufacture electrical batteries without utilizing heavy metals and are working hard to enhance their recycling techniques.

In a press release, the SVOLT claimed that its battery, which is called the world’s first cobalt-free battery, has achieved series production. This is a claim that’s made by other companies as well. Last year Tesla announced the development of batteries for its Model-3 vehicles devoid of cobalt, lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP). Panasonic stated last year that as a part of a cooperation with Tesla it was on the point of launching cobalt-free batteries.

However, SVOLT said that battery packs have passed various safety and performance tests. The company noted that its product will soon be available in China. The firm stated that soon the automobiles on the Chinese EV market would be equipped with the battery, however, it did not provide a specific timetable for its introduction into the market. It is a piece of excellent news for the environment to introduce its new product.

At the Chengdu Motor Show this year, the Chinese company SVOLT, a spin-off of Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors, displayed its power unit of 82,5KWh. SVOLT says that their electric vehicle battery provides a single charge of about 373 miles (600 km) and allows a car to run from 0 to 60 mph (100 kilometers per hour) in less than five seconds


With the aim of providing simple access to sustainable energy for all humans, SVOLT is a high-tech company in the worldwide EV battery sector. It has begun building a carbon footprint system covering the full life cycle of an electric battery, which can satisfy future sustainability, safety, and recycled raw materials.

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