Vazirani Ekonk Unveiled as India’s Fastest Hypercar

Vazirani Automotive debuted its Shul concept at the Goodwood Festival in 2018. The business is finally ready to show off the Ekonk, an electric sports car built in India based on the Shul idea. The Ekonk, according to the manufacturer, will be India’s fastest car and the lightest electric vehicle ever built.

The Ekonk electric hypercar is powered by the EV startup’s new unique battery technology, which substitutes the old complex liquid cooling method. It employs a technology known as DiCo, which allows the batteries to cool directly with air rather than liquid cooling. This technique, according to Vazirani, makes its electric vehicle lighter, faster, safer, and more cost-effective while also increasing its range. 

The body of the hypercar is entirely comprised of carbon fiber, which helps to reduce its weight. The vehicle was created to be one of the most aerodynamically fluid cars on the market, having one of the lowest drag coefficients in its class. This is primarily why the vehicle’s back wheels have been covered. 

Ekonk generates 722 horsepower, almost attaining a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio. Vazirani’s end-to-end electric hypercar has also been tested at the recently opened Naxtrax high-speed vehicle testing facility near Indore. It reached a peak speed of 309 kilometers per hour and a 0-100 kilometers per hour acceleration time of 2.54 seconds. 

In Indian scriptures, the word ‘Ekonk’ indicates ‘the beginning of the heavenly illumination.’ For the company, the electric vehicle marks the start of a new era. “With the introduction of electric vehicles, businesses all around the world must start from scratch. “This is the ideal time for India to innovate, develop, and lead the way in the electric vehicle era,” stated Chunky Vazirani, Founder, and CEO of Vazirani-Automotive. 

Ekonk’s data and technical learnings will be applied to the production version of Shul, India’s first hypercar concept, which was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival in the United Kingdom. Vazirani may produce a limited-edition Ekonk for clients to purchase in the future. 

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