This Innovative Maison Margiela Project By A Korean Designer Is The Perfect Intersection Of Fashion And Mobility

Maison Margiela is a famous fashion brand known for being creative and pushing the boundaries of what fashion can be. Keeping this in mind a Korean Designer has unveiled the latest creation, the Maison Margiela MM024. Instead of just seeing a vehicle as something to get from point A to point B, he is thinking of it as part of your style. So, imagine this car not just as a way to travel, but as a way to express yourself and show off your fashion sense. The Maison Margiela MM024 is all about combining fashion and mobility in a cool and seamless way. It's like wearing your style on the road!

Since it started, Maison Margiela has been all about breaking the rules in fashion. They love taking things apart and putting them back together in new and surprising ways. This idea is called deconstructivism, and it's a big part of what makes Maison Margiela special. Now, the designer is bringing this same way of thinking to cars. Just like how Maison Margiela changes the way we see clothes, the designer with his new concept, MM024, is changing the way we think about getting around.

Design Innovations

The exterior of the vehicle is predominantly made of transparent glass with gradated blueish layers, obscuring the interior while showcasing the unique shape of the vehicle as a fashion brand mobility statement. The patterned glass under the surface adds an element of mystery, teasing the silhouette of the user and intriguing bystanders before they emerge from the vehicle.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek shape of a humpback whale, the MM024 concept stands tall with an air of strength and elegance. Its unique design breaks away from traditional styles, embracing the idea of being different, just like Maison Margiela fans love. In some of the outfits featured in the 2023 co-ed fashion show, Maison Margiela took a bold approach by incorporating reversed and layered designs with transparent fabrics.

In this innovative concept, the idea was to keep the design simple, using transparent materials to directly showcase the brand's identity. The designer drew inspiration from the concept of fabric-feeling doors to create a distinct aesthetic.

Later, he explored the concept further by incorporating layered key features into the designs. Three unconventional layered key shapes were used to create a unique visual effect, reminiscent of automotive design standards.

Interior Design

Inside the vehicle, the user room was inspired by the streamlined silhouette of a humpback whale, symbolizing the power of reversal. The door handle design, inspired by Salvador Dali's melting clock concept, signifies the user's desire for uniqueness. The user room's top is made of glass with intricate patterns underneath, providing privacy while piquing the curiosity of onlookers. Inside, there are adjustable elements to accommodate different purposes and body types. The seats can be covered with fabrics to create a room-like feel, and a small partition allows for easy access to storage without opening the door.

Additionally, the interior features a small table with a mirror for makeup checks or grooming before exiting the vehicle. The elevated bottom of the interior allows for easy egress, enhancing the user's experience.


The Maison Margiela MM024 isn't your typical car; it's a symbol of innovation and creativity. This vehicle goes beyond mere transportation; it's a fusion of fashion and mobility, breaking traditional norms and reshaping the concept of luxury. Maison Margiela's commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in every aspect of the MM024, making it a groundbreaking creation in an ever-changing world.

About Designer

Jaechan Kwon, originally from South Korea, began his studies at Oncampus Coventry and Coventry University in the United Kingdom from 2015 to 2018. Following this, he completed a two-year military service in Korea from 2018 to 2022, during which he underwent rehabilitation for service-related injuries. In July 2023, he graduated with honours, achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Automotive and Transport Design. His academic accomplishments were further recognized when he received the 2023 Design Excellence Award.

Jae-chan Kwon is currently seeking job opportunities in any country and is eligible to work in the UK until June 2025 under the Graduate VISA program.

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