This Mustang Mach-E Represents A Bold Leap In Automotive Interior Design Reimagining The Traditional Concept Of Vehicle Cabins

  Apr 16, 2024

The Mustang Mach-E Vision Active is changing the game when it comes to how car interiors are designed. Instead of sticking to the old ways, it's all about bringing families closer together, making journeys more exciting, and giving you more options. This new way of thinking about car interiors is a big deal for the Mustang brand. With fancy new tech and a whole new look, it's like the student from CCS, Detroit is starting fresh, ready to bring in a wave of new ideas and flexibility.

In the Mustang Mach-E concept, there's something special called the "halo" that makes the inside feel cosy and inviting. It's like a big hug around the cabin, making you feel connected and comfortable. This cool feature lets you get into the whole vibe of being inside the car, making it feel just right. The seats are arranged smartly, like how you set up seats at Thanksgiving dinner. There's a special seat for the driver, a spot for two in the middle, and a back seat just for kids. This not only helps the car go smoothly through the air, but it also makes everyone feel like they're part of the journey, whether they're driving or just along for the ride. It's like having a grown-up table and a kids' table, so everyone gets to enjoy the trip in their way.

Immersive Experiences

One amazing thing about the Mustang Mach-E Vision Active is its "stargaze mode." Picture this: you're inside the car, reclining your seat back, maybe even turning the front seat around, and then you look up. What do you see? The night sky, right there above you. It's like you're lying under the stars, cosy and relaxed.

This special mode makes you feel like you're part of nature, bringing you closer to the world around you and the people you're with. And there's more to it than just looking at the stars. This car is packed with futuristic tech, like autonomous driving where the steering wheel disappears. Without that wheel in front of you, it's like you're not even in a car anymore, but in your own little space. It's a whole new way to experience the journey, letting you focus on everything around you and soak it all in. 

Imagine this: there's a cool gadget in the car called an eye tracker. What it does is pretty neat. It watches your eyes and figures out what you like and how you're feeling. Then, it adjusts the car's vibe to make you feel right at home. It's like having your assistant but for your car. And that's not all. There's also a screen that drops down from the pillars. This screen is like your own little movie theatre, perfect for keeping you entertained on those long drives. So, whether you're cruising down the highway or stuck in traffic, you'll always have something fun to do inside the car.

Versatile Design

The Mach-E Vision Active is all about making things easy and comfy for you. Take the centre console, for example. It's like a hidden treasure chest! When you don't need it, it disappears under the bench seat, giving you more room to stretch out and relax. And for the driver, the armrests are like magic—they pop up from inside the seat so you can rest your arms comfortably during long drives. It's like they thought of everything!

When the student was designing the Mach-E, he wanted it to be just right for active lifestyles. That's why he picked colours and styles that make you think of adventure and fun. Inside, they made sure it's not just pretty, but super practical too. Everything is laid out in a way that makes sense, and it even nods to the classic Mustang cars we all love. You might notice some familiar touches, like the cool screens on the steering column inspired by the 1965 Mustang. So, whether you're cruising around town or hitting the open road, the Mach-E Vision Active has got you covered with its smart design and classic style.


The Mach-E's final design aims to create a cosy atmosphere inside the vehicle, encouraging people to connect and their surroundings. It breaks away from traditional Mustang styles, offering an experience that inspires exploration and embraces new opportunities. This marks a big change from the usual Mustang philosophy and shows a bold move forward in car innovation. Inside, the Mach-E Vision Active is carefully designed to feel warm and comfortable, making passengers feel relaxed and connected. Every detail, from the materials used to the layout of the cabin, is thoughtfully chosen to improve the overall experience. The goal is to go beyond typical car interiors and make a space that feels like a retreat—a place where people can relax and connect with their environment.

By rethinking the Mustang idea, the designer opens up new possibilities for the brand and its users. It breaks with tradition while staying true to the Mustang's values of innovation, performance, and style. This forward-looking approach sets it apart from previous models and leads the way for future advancements in car design and technology.

About Designer

As a transportation design major at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, Ethan Trostle has always harboured a profound passion for cars and design. The fusion of these interests into a career is immensely gratifying to him. With a familial background entrenched in the automotive industry through his father and grandfather, he drew inspiration from his legacy, fueling their aspiration to become a car designer.

The vision and ambition centre around redefining the user experience in vehicles, striving to forge an emotional connection between individuals and their automobiles. He firmly believes in the potential for cars to evoke the same emotional attachment that people have with their smartphones. His excitement lies in the opportunity to craft vehicles that transcend mere transportation, eliciting feelings of joy, excitement, and pride in their users.

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Ethan Trostle