This Mitsubishi Kaminari concept blends off-road legacy with electric innovation

Jun 08, 2024

In the fast-changing world of cars, a new model is set to change the Performance Utility Vehicles (PUVs). Meet the Mitsubishi Kaminari, a name that means "Thunder" in Japanese and stands for power and precision. The Kaminari is more than just a vehicle; it's a game-changer. It combines Mitsubishi's rich history of off-road capability with the newest electric technology, offering unmatched performance and reliability on all types of terrain.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project of a designer and not an official project from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi's long history and the passionate feedback from its fans worldwide played a big role in creating the Kaminari concept. This vehicle stands for power, strength, and a never-give-up attitude, aiming to redefine off-road adventures while staying true to Mitsubishi's heritage. The name "Kaminari," meaning "Thunder," captures its essence—powerful, tough, and ready to conquer any terrain. From the start, the designer's goal was clear: pushing off-road performance limits while honouring Mitsubishi's proud history.

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Mitsubishi's history in off-road racing inspired the Kaminari. Classic vehicles like the 1937 Mitsubishi PX33, Japan's first all-road car, guided its design. By honouring these legendary cars, the Kaminari respects Mitsubishi's heritage while updating it for modern times. Central to the design process was an ongoing dialogue with Mitsubishi enthusiasts worldwide. Their passion, insights, and aspirations were invaluable, shaping the creation of a vehicle that embodies strength, energy, and durability.

Mitsubishi Kaminari in Action

The vehicle's shape emerged with bold features like a back-moved A-pillar, a coupe-shaped roof, and an exaggerated rear wing that blends with the roofline. These design elements create a dynamic look while providing enough headroom for rear passengers without compromising style. The journey from sketches to the final model involved careful refinement. Working with the Mitsubishi team, the designer made improvements to enhance the vehicle's look and function. Key updates included keeping the headroom spoiler, strengthening the dynamic shield, and adding unique design touches inspired by Mitsubishi's off-road legacy.

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Technology played a key role in the design process, ensuring precision and perfection. Using a Maya model as the digital base allowed for easy integration of design elements and careful attention to proportions. Further refinements in Photoshop ensured every detail of the Kaminari was perfectly crafted, reflecting Mitsubishi's commitment to excellence.

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From the first sparks of inspiration to the final product, each stage of the journey shows a dedication to exceeding automotive standards. The Mitsubishi Kaminari is ready to make its mark on roads and trails worldwide, representing Mitsubishi's strong legacy and commitment to creating vehicles that excite and inspire. Its sturdy build can handle the toughest terrains, while advanced electric technology offers the power and efficiency needed for today's adventures.

The Mitsubishi Kaminari marks a bold step forward in Performance Utility Vehicles. It combines Mitsubishi's long off-road history with the latest electric technology, creating a vehicle that is both powerful and reliable. Inspired by past models and shaped by feedback from fans around the world, the Kaminari represents innovation and excellence. As it hits the roads and trails, the Kaminari showcases Mitsubishi's lasting legacy and dedication to making exciting and inspiring vehicles.

Stefan Syarov