Polestar x Hotwheels Supercar blends the Scandinavian design with a minimalist sporty silhouette

Jun 27, 2024

The collaboration between Polestar and Hot Wheels in the 2024 design competition, announced on February 15, resulted in an exciting creation: Concept X. This new Polestar x Hotwheels Supercar series features a magnetically modular design, allowing for adaptability and upgradability with various accessories. Inspired by Polestar’s focus on progress, performance, and purpose in design, Concept X aimed to create a versatile vehicle that suits different lifestyles while maintaining a sleek, high-performance look. The challenge also emphasized making it feasible to manufacture as a 1:64 scale model. The design reflects Polestar’s Scandinavian roots with a sophisticated minimalist exterior and the dynamic silhouette of an Electric Supercar.

Disclaimer: This concept is a designer's entry (Andrew Attivissimo) for the Polestar x Hotwheels 2024 Contest

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Concept X is a masterpiece that blends natural and fabricated materials, and warm and cool color palettes. It embodies Polestar’s youthful and iconic brand identity, featuring a distinctive "Thor’s Hammer" headlamp design. These headlamps stretch to the car’s edges, highlighting its stance. Vertical lines within the headlamps serve as attachment points for accessories and integrate the innovative "camera as mirror" feature.

Moving to the rear, the vehicle showcases tail lamps positioned at the roof's top, seamlessly transitioning to the back. In the centre of the roof, an embedded magnet serves as the main attachment point for accessories. The elongated glasshouse, visible from the side, creates a spacious cockpit capable of seating two additional adults or storing extra cargo, ideal for various adventures if scaled to full size. Adding a nostalgic touch, the iconic "yellow glass" in the cockpit pays homage to Hot Wheels’ heritage.

At the core of this polestar concept is its ability to change with magnetic accessories. Focused on purpose and performance, Concept X uses modularity to fit different lifestyles while staying true to an Electric Supercar. The "X" in its name means it can adapt, letting users shape their adventure. Special Edition packages like Polestar Concept Flyer, Carrier, Surf, or Snow replace the regular Polestar Concept X, showing off its flexibility. Concept Flyer is a prime example, inspired by Polestar’s past drone ideas. The drone sits on a shared platform with other accessories, highlighting how versatile Concept X can be. This model not only shows off Polestar’s tech but also mixes futuristic ideas with classic Hot Wheels fun, sparking imaginative play.

Concept Carrier focuses on the car’s ability to carry extra cargo on its roof. It’s designed to hold camping gear, charging cables, extra clothes, and more, making it ideal for adventurers who need space for their trips. Concept Carrier transforms the electric supercar into a practical and stylish vehicle, perfect for road trips and outdoor adventures. Concept Surf honours the surfing community’s efforts to recycle ocean waste into new products. It shows Polestar’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, demonstrating how the brand includes environmental awareness in its designs. Concept Surf appeals not only to surfers but also to eco-conscious individuals who value style and sustainability.

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In the last, Concept Snow pays tribute to Sweden’s snowboarding community, where Polestar began. It features design elements inspired by snowy landscapes and the active snowboarding lifestyle. Concept Snow blends Polestar’s Scandinavian heritage with Hot Wheels’ fun, appealing to winter sports enthusiasts and car fans alike. Polestar x Hotwheels Supercar Concept X was born from the 2024 Polestar Community and Hot Wheels Design challenge, blending sophisticated design with nostalgic playfulness. It balances beauty, function, performance, and adaptability, demonstrating the potential of modular design in cars. Concept X caters to different lifestyles and promotes sustainability, showcasing the future of electric supercars in a small but influential model. This collaboration between Polestar and Hot Wheels not only pushes design boundaries but also encourages a new generation of car lovers to dream boldly and think innovatively.

Andrew Attivissimo