The Polestar and Hot Wheels' E- Rally Race Car redefines electric mobility and rally racing for max adventure

Jun 08, 2024

The Polestar Lightyear Xplorer is a new and exciting electric car that blends innovation with imagination. This proposal for the Polestar and Hot Wheels Contest 2024 sets a new standard for speed, adventure, and eco-friendly performance. The Lightyear Xplorer offers thrilling, sustainable speed, combining green technology with high excitement. This concept car is ready to change the racing world, bringing the future of electric mobility together with the classic thrill of Hot Wheels. Get ready to be amazed by this incredible piece of engineering and design.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project of a designer for Polestar Hotwheels Contest 2024 and not an official project from Polestar

Designer: Smith Makwana

The Polestar Lightyear Xplorer's design is inspired by the tough look of Extreme E rally cars and the bold style of off-road supercars like the BMW Dune Taxi concept. Its exterior combines smooth curves and sharp lines, similar to a sleek paper plane, which improves aerodynamics and brings back memories of handmade toys. This design reflects limitless creativity and a sense of childlike wonder. A standout feature is the dynamic full-width light bar with segmented LEDs and an illuminated Polestar emblem, which boosts the car's brand identity and visual appeal. This eye-catching tail lamp design shows Polestar's dedication to combining function with beauty.

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A Futuristic Adventure with the Polestar Explorer Concept

The Polestar Lightyear Xplorer's story takes place in a fictional, futuristic E-Rally race within the Neom project. In this world, the car has extraordinary powers, like teleporting through Chron's Rift Portals in the desert. This fantastical feature goes beyond traditional racing, capturing the playful and imaginative spirit of childhood.

The heart of the Polestar Lightyear Xplorer's abilities is the Advanced Chrono-Spatial Scryer. This groundbreaking technology allows the car to travel through time, using portals for instant track teleportation. This creates a unique racing experience where speed and adventure have no limits. As the Polestar Lightyear Xplorer races through the Neom Desert, it showcases the future of electric cars while sparking imagination and fun. Every race is an epic journey, blending sustainable speed with the endless possibilities of the Hot Wheels universe.

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This Polestar concept features two sleek glass fins, each housing the cutting-edge Advanced Chrono-Spatial Scryer. This technology allows the car to navigate through time, finding and using portals for seamless track teleportation. These fins are not just a design feature; they represent a major leap in functionality, helping the car exceed traditional racing limits and redefine speed and adventure.


In conclusion, the Polestar Lightyear Xplorer is more than just a concept car; it is a vision of the future where sustainable speed and thrilling adventures coexist. This collaboration between Polestar and Hot Wheels sets a new standard for electric mobility, showcasing the endless potential of innovative design and technology. As drivers prepare for this extraordinary journey, they enter a world where time and space are no match for the groundbreaking spirit of Polestar and Hot Wheels. The Polestar Lightyear Xplorer shows that the future of electric mobility is about sustainability and the joy of speed and adventure. With its futuristic design, rich storytelling, and cutting-edge technology, this Epicon E-Rally racer is set to make a lasting mark on the world of automotive design and beyond.

Smith Makwana