This Military Rescue Vehicle is designed to face the challenges of 2050

Jul 02, 2024

In a world on the edge of chaos, the Military Rescue Vehicle shines as a symbol of hope. Designed for a 2050 dystopian movie, this modular military rescue vehicle is at the forefront of innovation and functionality, ready to face the toughest future challenges. With its versatile models and advanced design, this military is more than just a vehicle; it is a lifeline in a world where survival is key.

Disclaimer: This is an individual project by Dominic Wilcox and not an official project from Brand.

The story takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the year 2050. The city is a large metropolis with tall residential buildings and a busy population. However, this future is far from perfect. Chaos grips Riyadh as the launch of the first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by a company called 'Riyadh Replicas sparks a revolution. Androids take over human jobs, causing civil unrest, widespread destruction, and a fight for control. In this chaotic environment, the military vehicle concept becomes crucial for the military. Its mission includes clearing mines planted around the city by 'Riyadh Replicas,' deploying troops to dismantle the rogue AGI, evacuating civilians trapped in the city, and delivering essential supplies to those in need.

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It is not a singular vehicle but a versatile system comprising four distinct variants, each tailored to specific mission requirements. These include the Search and Rescue (SAR), supplies carrier, infantry delivery, and mine clearance variants. Each vehicle is constructed with three core components: the driver module, the platform for the telescopic boom, and the mission module. This modular approach ensures that this vehicle can adapt to the ever-changing demands of the battlefield. The SAR and infantry delivery versions are manned, with a commander and driver. These vehicles have a telescopic boom to reach tall buildings, which is common in the futuristic city. This boom allows for rescuing civilians or deploying troops directly into strategic spots, giving a tactical edge in urban warfare.

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The mine clearance and supply carrier versions are unmanned and controlled remotely by operators at the military base. This remote control reduces the risk to human life, especially when clearing explosives. The supply carrier ensures essential goods reach those in need, maintaining a crucial link between the base and the besieged city.

The vehicle's design is inspired by nature, combining natural brilliance with futuristic looks. The exterior, modelled after an oyster shell, symbolizes protection, shielding its occupants like an oyster protects its pearl. The suspension system, similar to a jaguar's legs, allows the vehicle to easily navigate the rough terrains of Riyadh, ensuring the safety of any casualties on board. The vehicle's name and logo honour the black panther, representing stealth and strength. Just like a group of panthers is called a shadow, the variants work together, carrying out missions with precision and coordination. This name reflects the vehicle's role in monitoring and responding to threats from 'Riyadh Replicas'.

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The vehicle's wheels can rotate 90 degrees on the Z-axis, allowing for a unique sideways 'crab crawl' movement or a smaller turning circle, making it easy to move in tight urban areas. Inspired by a beetle, the front design gives it a strong presence while maintaining a sleek, sci-fi look. The telescopic boom is cleverly packed within the platform to maximize internal space for evacuees, highlighting the vehicle's main mission of saving lives. The underside of the platform has spaced armour to reduce the impact of projectiles, adding extra protection. A pull-out ladder at the front allows the driver to access their hatch easily, ensuring quick entry and exit.

If you see the interior of this Military Rescue Vehicle, the design is tailored to the tech-savvy Gen Z, creating a 'gaming atmosphere' within the driver module. This user-centric approach ensures operators feel comfortable and in control, mirroring their everyday interactions with technology and gaming interfaces. Additionally, the seating module can retract into the mission module for the mine clearance variant, enhancing safety by allowing a driver to take manual control if the automated system fails. 

So, to conclude everything this unique vehicle represents a revolutionary leap in military rescue technology. With its innovative design, inspired by the natural world and tailored to the needs of a futuristic society, As the world of 2050 grapples with unprecedented challenges, the Military Rescue Vehicle stands ready to protect, rescue, and deliver, embodying hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Its adaptability and advanced functionality make it a crucial asset in ensuring safety and stability in chaotic times.

Dominic Wilcox