Kicking off CES 2024, Pininfarina - the iconic Italian design house, has joined forces with AC Future, a pioneer in futuristic living solutions, to introduce the extraordinary eTH - Electric Transformer House. This ground-breaking collaboration redefines mobile living, seamlessly integrating luxury, smart technology, and eco-friendly features to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow's mobility. The eTH showcase booth, meticulously designed by Pininfarina, awaits at LVCC, West Hall — Booth #6379.

Beyond the Conventional RV: A Sustainable Living Platform

More than just an RV, AC Future's ETH by Pininfarina presents itself as a sustainable living platform, offering a unique travel and living experience. Tailored to diverse living habits and preferences, it caters to both individuals and families seeking short-distance adventures and customizable additional spaces. With Starlink connectivity, copilot assistance, and customizable colour options for both interior and exterior, it ensures an optimal experience for living, working, and travelling.

Moveable Walls: Expanding Boundaries

The eTH boasts standout features, notably moveable walls that seamlessly expand to 400 sq ft with just the touch of a button. This groundbreaking innovation revolutionizes the traditional notion of a home on wheels and aims to elevate living spaces by introducing flexibility and comfort for its residents. The design's adaptability creates an environment where residents can effortlessly customise their living space to suit their changing needs and preferences.

Solar Panel Roof: Sustainable Energy Generation

The retractable solar panel roof of the eTH is designed to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, generating an impressive 25 kWh. This dedication to sustainable living reflects a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint, aligning seamlessly with eco-conscious values. By harnessing solar power, the eTH promotes energy efficiency and contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, embodying a commitment to greener and more responsible living.

Atmospheric Water Generator: Harvesting Clean Water

The eTH incorporates an Atmospheric Water Generator system, which extracts moisture from the air, yielding an impressive daily output of up to 50 litres of clean water. This innovative feature serves as a sustainable and independent water source, making it particularly well-suited for off-grid adventures. By utilizing the surrounding atmosphere to generate water, the eTH enhances its self-sufficiency, offering a reliable and environmentally conscious solution for ensuring access to clean water in various settings and environments.

Collapsible Furniture: A Balance of Mobility and Space

The eTH features collapsible and modular furniture, designed to condense for convenient driving and parking. Achieving a harmonious balance between mobility and spacious living, this innovative design allows the vehicle to seamlessly transition from an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to a mobile office. The versatility of the furniture ensures adaptability to different needs, providing occupants with the flexibility to optimize the space for both comfortable living during travel and efficient working on the go.

Advanced Cockpit for Seamless Travel and Work

The eTH comes equipped with Starlink and Co-Pilot, offering an advanced cockpit with state-of-the-art driver assist technology. Its features include a flexible dashboard that doubles as an office desk and integrated entertainment options. The entire system is powered by green energy, ensuring sustainability. With an impressive off-grid capability of 7 days, the ETH is not just a home on wheels; it represents a futuristic vision where cutting-edge technology meets eco-friendly living for an unparalleled mobile experience.

AC Future's Owner, Arthur Qin, emphasizes the significance of their collaboration with Pininfarina, stating, "Our collaboration with Pininfarina on the Electric Transformer House is not just about designing a living space; it's about reimagining the way people experience off-grid living. With Pininfarina’s experience in innovative product design across industries, they were a natural fit for the partnership. We are tapping into the growing enthusiasm for mobile lifestyles among all demographics, and our innovative approach is strategically positioned to provide a unique experience that aligns with the eco-conscious values of our customers.

Known for its iconic designs across the automotive, architecture, industrial design, nautical, and transportation, to name a few, Pininfarina was entrusted with encapsulating AC Future's core philosophy of luxury, comfort, and relentless innovation through the ETH.

Pininfarina Vice President of Design Paolo Trevisan states, "We are so excited to collaborate with AC Future, a partner that shares our vision for innovation and commitment to creating a better and sustainable future. We believe in creating new experiences with the multidisciplinary approach that characterizes our design process. In this case, blending seamlessly how people live and move, creating a unique experience for a new lifestyle icon.”


The eTH - Electric Transformer House is a testament to the collaboration between Pininfarina and AC Future, showcasing innovation, luxury, and sustainability. In a world leaning towards dynamic, freedom-focused lifestyles, the eTH is a groundbreaking solution, reshaping mobile living. It goes beyond its advanced design, emphasizing adaptability by combining comfort and eco-friendly features. As we move towards a future valuing flexibility and sustainability, the eTH leads the way, representing the evolution of modern living on wheels.