This Kia Type Two concept is redefining how we should look at the office interiors of future!

  Dec 27, 2023

Have you thought about how your future office interiors should look and function to enhance your productivity in your daily schedule? A Pforzheim student's second-semester project, under the guidance of Kia, explores the future of office interiors. It is based on the "Opposite United" design philosophy which creates a new era in workspace environments by blending active and relaxation spaces, trying out various colours and materials, and incorporating innovative geometry design.

The Kia Type Two concept is built on the "Opposite United design philosophy," combining two different spaces – the "active space" and the relaxation zone. The active space is vibrant and dynamic, perfect for a productive work environment. In contrast, the relaxation zone is calm and soothing, using low-saturation colours to create a peaceful atmosphere for unwinding. This concept aims to redefine office interiors by blending these contrasting spaces, recognizing the importance of energetic work and serene relaxation in a balanced professional environment.

Colour and Material Exploration

A notable aspect of the Kia Type Two project is its in-depth exploration of colour and materials. In the active space, lively colours and modern materials spark creativity and enhance productivity. These elements are carefully chosen to create a dynamic work environment, encouraging innovative thinking and improving overall efficiency.

On the other hand, the relaxation zone uses a calm palette with soft colours and comforting materials, creating a clear distinction from the energetic tones in the active space. This deliberate contrast aims to establish a balanced workspace, enabling users to switch between work and relaxation smoothly.

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The Geometric Design of Kia Type Two

Beyond exploring colour and materials, the Kia Type Two project embraces geometric design. This aspect involves carefully examining different possibilities, using geometric patterns and layouts to enhance the overall look of the workspace and make it more functional. These geometric considerations go beyond looks – they play a crucial role in organizing the workspace efficiently. The intentional use of geometric designs aims to create an environment that is not only visually appealing but also well-organized, promoting efficiency and purpose in every aspect of the workspace.

This focus on geometry highlights the designer's commitment to innovation and breaking away from traditional design norms showing that even in interior design, geometric elements can be used to improve the overall quality and experience of the workspace.


The Kia Type Two project by a Pforzheim student is a forward-thinking approach to office interiors, sponsored by Kia and rooted in the "Opposite United" design philosophy. By integrating active and relaxation spaces, experimenting with colour and materials, and embracing innovative geometry design, this project is paving the way for a new era in workspaces. Kia Type Two reflects the designers's dedication to redefining how we work and live in the future.

About Designer

Meet Zicheng Tang, a Chinese designer currently pursuing a Master's degree in Transportation Design at Hochschule Pforzheim. Zicheng specializes in interior design and is currently interning at Porsche, gaining hands-on experience as an interior designer intern. You can follow him on Instagram and Linkedin.