With His Jeep Nunnehi Concept A Student Redefines What It Means To Explore The Great Outdoors In The 21st Century

In the world of adventure, few things symbolize exploration as much as a Jeep does. With a dedication to embracing the wonders of nature, Jeep has earned a special place in the hearts of adventurers across the globe. Now, as environmental sustainability becomes increasingly important to us all, the Nunnehi stands out as a shining example of eco-consciousness, embodying Jeep's spirit of "Dare Forward" in remarkable ways. At the core of Nunnehi's mission lies Stellantis' ambitious pledge to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038, coupled with a significant reduction in carbon footprint by 2030.

However, the Nunnehi goes further than just meeting regulations. It leads the way by using renewable fuel sources and materials that capture carbon in its construction. By utilizing carbon capture technology, the Nunnehi doesn't just reduce its environmental footprint; it also plays an active role in fighting climate change.

The Structure of Sustainability

At the heart of the Nunnehi lies its groundbreaking 3D-printed carbon fibre frame, a cornerstone of its construction that embodies both strength and eco-friendliness. This revolutionary framework not only ensures the vehicle's durability but also significantly reduces its environmental footprint. The innovation doesn't stop there; extending throughout the vehicle is a polycarbonate cabin, meticulously crafted from materials that capture carbon. This results in a spacious interior that remains lightweight, offering passengers both comfort and efficiency. Every element of Nunnehi's design is carefully tailored with sustainability in mind. 

From its structure to its materials, each aspect reflects a steadfast commitment to minimizing environmental impact while maintaining optimal comfort and performance. By prioritizing eco-consciousness without compromising on quality, the designer with his Nunnehi concept sets a new standard for environmentally responsible automotive engineering.

Unlike conventional SUVs, the Nunnehi presents a design that prioritizes functionality and adaptability. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Wagoneer, its wheelbase is cleverly utilized to transform its interior into multifunctional living and sleeping quarters. Through an ingeniously designed extendable rear and upward-ascending roof, the Nunnehi offers expansive space for both relaxation and storage, reminiscent of a cosy home on wheels. Furthermore, incorporating onboard overhead storage adds a touch of convenience similar to modern air travel, ensuring that essentials are easily accessible during the journey. Seamlessly merging comfort with practicality, the Nunnehi embodies the essence of adventure, empowering travellers to embark on expeditions with unparalleled ease and comfort. This innovative approach to design not only enhances the overall experience but also exemplifies Nunnehi's commitment to redefining the boundaries of automotive exploration

Breaking Boundaries: Designing for the Future

In the development of the Nunnehi's design, prioritizing innovation over tradition was paramount. Departing from the typical aesthetics seen in SUVs, the Nunnehi embraces a bold, slant-nosed silhouette reminiscent of iconic trucks. This departure from the norm allows the Nunnehi to stand out, making a statement with its unique appearance.

A notable feature of Nunnehi's design is the preservation of Jeep's iconic 7-slot grille as the sole design element. This decision not only adds to the vehicle's distinctive look but also serves a functional purpose by maximizing interior space. By cleverly integrating this iconic feature, the Nunnehi manages to strike a balance between heritage and innovation.

The extensive use of polycarbonate for the cabin is another standout aspect of the Nunnehi's design. This material not only enhances visibility, allowing occupants to fully appreciate the surrounding landscape but also contributes to the overall structural strength of the vehicle. The choice of polycarbonate reflects a forward-thinking approach to design, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics.

Bringing the Nunnehi to life requires close collaboration. The designer worked hand in hand with Stellantis designers, and the integration of gravity sketch technology emerged as a crucial tool for conceptualizing and perfecting the vehicle's distinctive features. This immersive method not only pushes the limits of conventional design but also cultivates a deeper comprehension of functionality and innovation. By embracing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge technologies, the Nunnehi epitomizes a commitment to ongoing exploration and advancement, propelling sustainable mobility into new and unexplored world.


As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of automotive innovation, the Nunnehi stands as a shining example of sustainable adventure. With its pioneering spirit and commitment to environmental stewardship, Jeep redefines what it means to explore the great outdoors in the 21st century. Join us on this transformative journey, where sustainability meets adventure, and the possibilities are limitless.

About Designer

Logan Drummond is a 4th-year transportation design student at Lawrence Technological University. Ever since he was young, he has aspired to become an automotive designer. His passion was sparked during a visit to the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills with his grandfather, where he encountered an exhibit featuring a game allowing visitors to mix and match the front, middle, and rear sections of a Dodge Neon, Jeep Cherokee, and Plymouth Prowler. Inspired by this experience, he created a hybrid design comprising the front of the Prowler, the mid-section of the Cherokee, and the rear of the Neon. This moment ignited a lifelong pursuit of automotive design.

Now entering the design world, he finds himself at the forefront of the evolving design process, blending traditional practices with cutting-edge VR technology. He eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead in his career and is excited to see the innovative creations he will bring to life.

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Logan Drummond