This Innovative Alter Ego Mobility Vehicle By Junpyeong Is Designed Specifically For The Zalpa Collector

Apr 03, 2024

In the fast-paced world of 2035, where digital landscapes dominate our interactions, there is a pressing need to re-establish connections with tangible experiences and genuine human interactions. Introducing Alter Ego – the pinnacle of smart mobility designed specifically for the discerning Zalpa collector.

Recent social trends highlight a move towards brief digital interactions and temporary stimuli. Virtual spaces, including social media platforms and extended reality (XR) technologies, are flooded with short-lived content. Yet, amidst this digital flood, people struggle with negative effects such as declining self-esteem and the emergence of herd mentality.

Fostering Genuine Connections

In response to too much digital exposure, offline spaces are becoming increasingly important. Pop-up stores and communal dining are crucial for taking a break and reconnecting with our senses and other people. These places give us a chance to escape the digital noise and reflect on ourselves. These stores offer a refreshing change from online shopping. Being in a physical store lets us touch and feel products, which are often forgotten online. Plus, the temporary and unique aspect of pop-up stores makes them exciting and exclusive.

Similarly, communal dining lets us connect with others without screens getting in the way. Sharing a meal helps build real conversations and bonds, which is especially important in today's digital age.

These offline places help us escape from digital overload and connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. By focusing on the physical world and nurturing real connections, we can balance out the effects of too much digital exposure and lead a more fulfilling life. 

Meeting the Needs of the Zalpha Generation

The Zalpha generation, alongside Generation Z, is deeply attuned to social changes. They want to show their unique tastes and values and seek ways to interact meaningfully. Alter Ego steps in here, offering customizable features for people to reflect their preferences and passions. This platform allows authentic self-expression, helping individuals rediscover and assert their identities lost in the digital world. The Zalpha generation values authenticity and personalization. They don't just follow traditional norms or trends but aim to make their mark. Alter Ego supports this by offering various customization options, allowing people to create experiences that match their identity and values.

Furthermore, Alter Ego encourages deeper connections in a world where digital interactions can feel shallow. It provides a space for genuine expression, sharing passions, and connecting with like-minded individuals. Through these interactions, people regain control over their online presence and build real connections beyond the digital space.

Designing Exteriors and Interiors: A Symphony of Form and Function

Inspired by architectural wonders, Alter Ego's design reflects the graceful lines of Tensile structures, embodying the idea of fluid self-expression unrestricted by rigid boundaries. The exterior design of Alter Ego showcases this fluidity, inviting individuals to break free from conventional constraints and embrace their unique identities.

Inside Alter Ego, the atmosphere exudes the serene simplicity and sophistication reminiscent of the White Cube aesthetic often seen in art galleries. This minimalist approach creates a blank canvas for individuals to exhibit their most cherished possessions with grace and elegance. Each element of the interior design harmonizes to elevate the experience of showcasing one's treasures, transforming it into an art form in itself.

By merging architectural inspiration with thoughtful design, Alter Ego offers a space where individuals can not only express themselves freely but also elevate the act of showcasing their collections to a level of artistic expression. Whether it's through the fluid lines of its exterior or the pristine ambience of its interior, Alter Ego redefines the concept of self-expression and presentation, turning every journey into a work of art.


Alter Ego goes beyond just being a way to get around. It represents a big change in how we see ourselves in a world that's becoming more digital. It helps people connect, talk, and be themselves, showing that mobility can be about expressing who you are and making real connections.

So, hop on board with Alter Ego – where every ride is a chance to discover yourself and embrace what makes you special in a world that wants realness.

About Designer

Junpyeong Lim graduated from Hongik University (Republic of Korea) with a degree in smart mobility design for his Bachelor Thesis in February 2024. His main interests lie in Autonomous and Future mobility, as well as Advanced design. He often draws inspiration from various sources such as art, products, and nature, reflecting his taste. From sketches to 2D renderings and visual communications, he utilizes his skills to conduct further research for mobility blueprints. He believes sustainable design not only enhances lifestyle but also improves how people move. He welcomes any motivational opportunities that come his way.

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Junpyeong Lim