An Innovative Project From 2 Strate Students Paves The Way For A Future Where Every Journey Is An Unforgettable Experience

  Apr 19, 2024

In the world of design and new ideas, the Avions Voisin C-33 stands out as something really bold and adventurous. Let's take a closer look at the exciting idea behind this famous brand and how it's pushing forward into the future. The adventure starts at Strate School of Design, where both the designers revisit the foundations of design. Thélio & Mathys, brimming with passion and creativity, are given the task of imagining what lies ahead for Avions Voisin. Inspired by the brand's history and its fierce competition with Bugatti and Hispano Suiza, they set out on a mission to redefine what excellence in automotive design means.

A Glimpse into 2050

In the year 2050, the world has become a place where digital technology permeates every aspect of life. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, society was enveloped in a digital cocoon, offering unparalleled convenience but also diminishing the raw experiences that once defined humanity. Yet, amidst this digital saturation, a group of bold adventurers emerged, yearning to break free from the confines of the virtual and rediscover the thrill of the tangible world. Their journey led them to the Avions Voisin experience.

Their journey took them to the heart of an industrial complex, where the Avions Voisin workshop stood as a beacon of craftsmanship amidst a sea of automated factories. Here, they were greeted by artisans and engineers who shared their passion for the analogue world. Surrounded by vintage machinery and handcrafted tools, the adventurers were transported to a time when every curve and contour of a car was meticulously sculpted by human hands.

Uniting Tradition with Innovation

The Avions Voisin C-33 represents a bold departure from conventional automotive design, blending elements of tradition and innovation to create a vehicle unlike any other. Inspired by the sleek lines of motorbike sidecars and the adrenaline-fueled world of extreme sail sports, this groundbreaking concept promises an exhilarating journey through the urban landscape. At first look, the Avions Voisin C-33 grabs your attention with its cool shape, like those old motorcycles with sidecars. But when you take a closer look, you'll see it's packed with cool new stuff that makes it different from the old ones.

The design of the C-33 is all about blending style and usefulness. It's got smooth curves and sleek lines that make it look good, but they also help it work better. These features make it super easy to drive around the busy city streets. Everything about this car is carefully designed to make it run smoothly and feel awesome when you're behind the wheel.

What's cool about the Avions Voisin C-33 is how it moves. Instead of using regular gas like most cars, it uses a special system inspired by sail sports. This means it catches the wind to move forward, which is good for the environment and gives you a cool feeling as you drive. You can almost feel the wind on your face, even when you're cruising through the city. And there's more! The C-33 also comes with lots of high-tech safety features to keep you safe on the road. It's got stuff like collision detectors to help you avoid accidents, and a smart navigation system to help you find your way around. Plus, there's entertainment stuff to keep you entertained during the ride.

Reviving the Joy of Pure Mechanics

Picture a race unlike any other, where cars zoom not on roads, but on the tops of towering city buildings. That's where the Avions Voisin C-33 shines brightest, moving smoothly through the city skyline. Guided by three skilled drivers working together like a well-practiced team, the C-33 takes on every twist and turn with ease, creating an exciting scene against the city backdrop. The Avions Voisin experience is all about celebrating amazing mechanics and clever human ideas. Instead of just riding along, drivers take charge, making every move with skill and style. It gives us a peek into a future where excitement knows no limits.


Looking ahead to the future of car innovation, the Avions Voisin C-33 stands out as a prime example of adventure in motion. It blends tradition, innovation, and pure excitement, signaling a future where each drive promises an extraordinary adventure. The Avions Voisin C-33 isn't just any car; it symbolizes pushing boundaries and welcoming the unknown. Its design mixes classic style with cutting-edge tech, hinting at a future where old and new seamlessly merge. Every curve and feature speaks to a rich history of craftsmanship while showcasing the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

Yet, beyond its impressive design, the C-33 embodies something deeper—a call to embrace the thrill of uncertainty. It urges us to venture beyond our comfort zones, where every road offers a chance for exploration. It's about the journey being the destination itself.


Thelio Guarda