With This New Bugatti FORMULA B The Designer Is Paying Homage To The Motor Racing

The Bugatti FORMULA B stands as a tribute to Bugatti's legacy, combining innovation with respect for its racing history. The beginning of FORMULA B goes back to a vision to create a vehicle that breaks traditional limits and showcases top-notch technology, while also embracing intense competition. At its core, FORMULA B reflects Bugatti's commitment to always pushing the boundaries of car engineering.

This project started with Bugatti's research and development teams aiming to pioneer a machine that goes beyond the ordinary, setting new standards in performance, innovation, and design. It came from a blend of expertise, passion, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Bugatti's incredible success in racing is rooted in its groundbreaking advancements in chassis technology. With the creation of FORMULA B, the goal was clear: to challenge and revolutionize the usual standards of racing technology. The result? A chassis that perfectly blends human and machine, featuring innovative elements like independent front wheel retraction and precise steering powered by artificial muscle technology.

Bridging Past and Future

At the heart of FORMULA B's chassis design is the idea of harmony between the driver and the car. By incorporating independent front wheel retraction, Bugatti engineers aimed to improve traction and stability, giving drivers exceptional control and confidence on every turn and straightaway. This Bugatti concept combines elements of the past, present, and future, reflecting the brand's legacy while embracing today's cutting-edge technology. It bridges the brand's heritage with its forward-thinking approach, bringing together generations of fans in an exciting experience.

Additionally, FORMULA B's use of AI technology enhances the racing experience, pushing the limits of what's possible on the track. This technology not only improves vehicle performance but also offers new opportunities for training, strategy, and analysis, taking the sport to new levels of excitement.

Inspired by Heritage, Designed for Tomorrow

The designer has effectively put together all the details and you'll find Bugatti's essence, with design elements inspired by its founder, Ettore Bugatti. These include the smooth curve, the C shape, the horseshoe grille, and the central ridge. Each detail honours Bugatti's past while looking to the future of car design.

FORMULA B takes cues from Bugatti's history, making it instantly familiar to fans. The sleek curve gives a feeling of grace and energy, just like Bugatti's classic cars, the C shape, a symbol of Bugatti's attention to detail, is proudly displayed on this concept car. It shows the brand's commitment to excellence in making cars and the horseshoe grille, a famous Bugatti feature, is showing strength and elegance. It reminds us of Bugatti's dedication to being the best. Additionally, the central ridge, a striking design element found in FORMULA B, adds a touch of aerodynamic prowess while paying homage to Bugatti's tradition of blending form with function. This subtle yet impactful detail underscores the vehicle's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and engineering innovation.


For the person who envisioned this concept, this project means more than just making something. It shows determination and always striving to do better. Starting from scratch at ISD RUBIKA to coming back stronger in 2024, every step has proved that sticking with your dreams pays off. As Bugatti FORMULA B gears up to make its mark on the racetracks of the future, it reminds us that there are no limits to innovation, and achieving greatness requires dedication, passion, and strong determination.

About Designer

Alexandre MOULIN has a fervent passion for transportation and product design, graduating with honours from the prestigious ISD RUBIKA school in France in 2019. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned companies such as Poma, Kairn Design Studio, Airbus, Renault Trucks, Decathlon, Nexans, Stellantis, Michelin, and the European Space Agency, among others.

Motivated by a desire to shape the future and make a positive impact on society, his design approach is versatile and rooted in a childhood aspiration. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources including air, space, street art, and human behaviour, they have a keen interest in pioneering design concepts.

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