A designer reimagined the Ferrari for the Modena streets with a pure racing DNA

  May 15, 2024

In the famous town of Modena, known for the birth of the automotive legends like Enzo Ferrari, a remarkable Ferrari concept emerges. Inspired by childhood dreams and the essence of Modena, this vision aims to blend tradition with innovation. Picture this: the Italian gentleman driver, relishing the thrill of cruising through Modena’s timeless streets.

Disclaimer: This is an individual project by a designer and not an official project from Ferrari

With its roots tracing back to Enzo Ferrari’s birth in 1898, Modena provides the ideal setting for this automotive concept. As the dream unfolds, the aspiration naturally gravitates towards crafting a new Ferrari. However, shaping a Ferrari demands careful attention. The challenge lies in honouring Ferrari’s iconic design while infusing it with elements to amplify aerodynamics and grace.

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Crafting the Extreme Shape for Aerodynamics and Elegance

The story of making this amazing concept started with a bold drawing that looked like a spaceship flying through space. The designer wanted to make the car as sleek and fast-looking as possible, so he removed anything unnecessary.

During the sketching phase the designer had to decide if he wanted to make a straight line from the front to the back of the car, or if he wanted it to look like it was moving forward. He chose the second option, making the front of the car really low to the ground, like a race car, but still easy to see out of.

To make the air moves naturally, he added big channels on the front to make the car go faster with less resistance. The middle part of the front of the car looks like a Formula 1 car, showing it’s made for speed.

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At the back of the car, he kept things modern but also traditional, with straight lines for the lights, like other recent Ferraris. The designer also got creative, using new materials to make the lights shine bright and show off the Ferrari logo in a cool way.

Blending Form and Function

The rear wing of the car seamlessly extends over the lights, creating a unified design that emphasizes aerodynamics. This careful attention to detail ensures that airflow remains unobstructed, maintaining the car’s clean lines and efficiency on the road. Divided into three distinct sections, the rear of the car balances functionality with aesthetics.

A gray area houses the logo and lights, defining the boundaries, while a red section continues the volume, and a black area adds visual contrast and aids airflow from the bottom, reducing drag. Each element is carefully crafted, contributing to both performance and visual appeal.

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Beyond its stunning exterior, this car embodies a fusion of artistry and engineering. Drawing inspiration from Formula 1, its engine, proudly displayed through the rear window and positioned directly behind the seats, promises an exhilarating driving experience. Transforming everyday journeys into thrilling adventures, this masterpiece respects both the heritage of Modena’s roads and the practical demands of daily use.


The Ferrari made for the streets of Modena is a beautiful mix of tradition and innovation, turning a childhood dream into reality. With its roots tied to Enzo Ferrari’s legacy, this car represents the Italian gentleman driver, blending old-fashioned charm with modern aerodynamics. Every part of its design, from the smooth front inspired by natural airflow to the detailed rear, shows careful attention to both style and performance.

More than just a feat of engineering, this car is like a moving piece of art, offering an exciting driving experience for those lucky enough to ride in it. As it moves gracefully through Modena’s historic streets, it pays homage to the area’s rich automotive history and hints at future innovations. With each turn, this Ferrari symbolizes passion, skill, and the pursuit of perfection.

About Designer

Meet Mattia Rossi, a 22-year-old hailing from Carpi, in the province of Modena. Currently in his third year at IAAD in Turin, studying Transportation Design, Mattia has harbored a profound love for cars and motorcycles since childhood. Over the past few years, he has been fortunate to bring many of his automotive dreams to life through designing and modeling vehicles. Looking ahead, Mattia aspires to work for companies aligned with his passion for racing, with a particular interest in designing sports and racing cars.

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