The Ferrari Tribute - A Trilogy Of Visionary Concepts By A Spanish Designer Celebrates Ferrari's Heritage

Imagine you're in a world where cars are like famous heroes, and one of the mightiest heroes is called Ferrari. People everywhere look up to Ferrari with respect and love. Now, there are three special ideas called the Ferrari Tribute. They're like three stories honouring this hero. Each story is different but they all show how amazing Ferrari is, remembering its past and also looking forward to all the cool new things cars can do. It's like saying, "Hey, Ferrari is awesome, and it's going to keep being awesome in the future too!"

Leggenda: A Timeless Homage

"Leggenda" isn't just a car; it's a special way to honour Leonardo Fioravanti and Ferrari's incredible history. This amazing car captures the spirit of Ferrari's most famous models, like the 288 GTO, 512 BBI, and F40. Every curve and line of "Leggenda" is like a salute to the classic era of car design, when cars were known for their elegance and precision. Think of Ferrari's past as a treasure trove. The 288 GTO was known for its amazing engineering and speed. It's like a guiding star for "Leggenda." Then there's the 512 BBI, loved for its timeless style and expert craftsmanship. It adds a special touch to "Leggenda." And of course, who can forget the F40? It represents Ferrari's drive for speed and perfection. "Leggenda" takes inspiration from these great cars, inheriting their spirit and drive for excellence.

When you look at "Leggenda," you see smooth lines blending with a modern look. It's like a perfect mix of the past and the future. Every detail is carefully made to make you feel amazed and impressed. It's a harmony of old and new, where tradition meets innovation. But there's more to "Leggenda" than just its cool looks. It's also a tribute to how Ferrari has influenced car culture over the years. It's a reminder of Ferrari's dedication to always pushing the limits.

Testarossa: Reviving an Icon

The "Testarossa" is a fancy new version of the classic Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa from 1957. It's made to look modern and stylish while still keeping the old-school charm. This special edition is called the "Icona" limited series, and it mixes old and new design ideas to make something cool. The Testarossa keeps the spirit of the original Testa Rossa alive but adds some fresh energy to it. It has sleek lines and curves that remind you of the old Ferrari, but it's also built to be more aerodynamic and modern. The designer has paid a lot of attention to every little detail to make it look classy and remind people of the good old days of awesome cars.

The designer has combined classic looks with modern technology in the Testarossa. You'll see old-fashioned stuff like the front grille and round headlights alongside new features made with high-tech materials. Things like carbon fibre and lightweight metals make the car not only look good but also perform better than ever before. Inside, the Testarossa is all about luxury and comfort. Fancy leather seats, wood trim, and special touches make it feel fancy. Plus, it's got all the latest gadgets and gizmos to keep you entertained and safe while you're driving.

Underneath the sleek body, the Testarossa is a real speed demon. It's got a powerful engine that mixes old-school craftsmanship with modern performance. Whether you're cruising on country roads or tearing up the racetrack, the Testarossa gives you an exciting ride that's a tribute to Ferrari's racing history and meets the standards of today's high-performance cars.

Rampante: Pioneering the Future

Rampante" boldly ventures into the world of Ferrari's future, embodying a pioneering electric design that pushes the boundaries of conventional hypercars. Drawing inspiration from Ferrari's rich legacy and the iconic "Cavallino Rampante," this concept car represents a pivotal moment in the marque's evolution, signalling a shift towards sustainable performance. At the heart of Rampante lies its innovative electric powertrain, a departure from Ferrari's traditional combustion engines. This technological leap not only reflects the automotive industry's growing focus on sustainability but also underscores Ferrari's commitment to embracing cutting-edge advancements without compromising its core values of performance and luxury.

The design ethos of Rampante seamlessly blends futuristic aesthetics with timeless Ferrari DNA. Its sleek and compact silhouette exudes an aura of sophistication while maximizing aerodynamic efficiency, enhancing both performance and range. Every curve and contour of the car is carefully crafted to optimize airflow and minimize drag, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience that is as efficient as it is thrilling. Rampante's interior is a sanctuary of luxury and innovation, where traditional craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology. Premium materials adorn every surface, creating an ambience of refinement and elegance. Advanced infotainment systems and driver-assist features seamlessly integrate with the car's intuitive interface, offering a connected and immersive driving experience.

Beyond its performance capabilities and striking design, Rampante embodies Ferrari's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence. It represents a bold vision for the future, where sustainability and performance converge to redefine what it means to be a hypercar. As Ferrari embarks on this new chapter, Rampante stands as a symbol of innovation, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.


In simple words, the Ferrari Tribute isn't just about cool cars; it's about passion, new ideas, and trying to be the best. Ferrari is always trying to make cars that are better than before, and these special cars show that. This concept reminds us of Ferrari's long history and how the designer is trying to make the future of transportation better. He used the latest technology and made them look amazing, showing that Ferrari is always pushing to make things better. Looking ahead, the Ferrari Tribute gives us hope and reminds us that we can achieve anything if we work hard and think creatively. It shows the amazing things people can do when they put their minds to it.

About Designer

Abelardo Bahri, a 34-year-old transportation designer originally from Spain, now resides in Germany. His passion for design has been a constant in his life since childhood. Having lived in Barcelona, Spain, and currently, in Germany, he has gained diverse experience in transportation and product design through his studies and professional endeavours. As a result, he considers himself a versatile transportation designer with a broad design perspective, which he expresses through sketching, 3D modelling, and rendering. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and strives for excellence in all aspects of his work. Additionally, he is eager to connect with new people through innovative projects.

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