The Story Behind This Very Freshly Rendered BMW Concept from Chen Liu

In the world of automotive design, inspiration can strike from the simplest of sketches, leading to groundbreaking concepts that redefine the industry. Such is the case with a BMW concept that originated from a humble doodle, sparking a journey of creativity and innovation. It all began with a rough doodle on a piece of paper, capturing the essence of a vision. The concept centred around transforming the traditional face of a car into a striking BMW signature kidney grille, reshaping the entire front view around this iconic design element. This bold approach aimed to infuse the vehicle with a distinctive identity, setting it apart in a crowded automotive landscape.

The Glass Greenhouse

A key aspect of the concept was the integration of a glass greenhouse, reflecting the sleekness and reflectiveness of an astronaut's helmet. This innovative design choice not only enhanced the vehicle's aesthetics but also symbolized a futuristic outlook, inviting admiration and intrigue. The reflective surface served as a canvas, capturing the beauty of the surrounding environment, from the vibrant hues of a sunset sky to unexpected elements like the golden arches of a McDonald's sign.

Infusing Humor and Personality

The concept featured playful elements such as a sign of McDonald's reflected in the glass, adding a charm to the overall aesthetic. The idea of driving such a car to indulge in a craving for chicken nuggets epitomized the fusion of creativity and lightheartedness. It showcased the joy of self-expression and the freedom to infuse personality into design concepts.

Embedded within the design details was a nod to cultural heritage, with the lettering on the spoiler displaying both English and Chinese translations of "Fullyhydrated." This subtle inclusion not only reflected the designer's origins but also highlighted the universal language of creativity. Just as the spoiler revealed different messages from different angles, the design celebrated the diversity of perspectives and interpretations.

Form and Function

At the core of the concept was a commitment to harmonizing form and function, evident in the rounded, smooth lines that exuded simplicity yet boldness. The metallic grey coating, a hallmark of BMW, added a timeless elegance while hinting at future possibilities. This juxtaposition of retro nostalgia and futuristic vision embodied the creator's distinctive aesthetic, resonating with enthusiasts drawn to innovation with a touch of nostalgia.


What began as a rough doodle evolved into a visionary concept, challenging conventions and redefining automotive design. From the iconic BMW kidney grille to the glass greenhouse reflecting the world around it, every detail tells a story of creativity, identity, and innovation. As automotive design continues to evolve, concepts like this serve as a testament to the power of imagination and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Let's see how the designer will build this sketch render into a final 3d model and leave us in awe

About Designer

Chen Liu, hailing from China, pursued his master's studies in Germany before embarking on internships at VW and Kiska. His professional journey commenced at Wacker Neuson, where he delved into industrial design, specializing in crafting innovative construction machinery. Alongside his work responsibilities, Chen indulged in transportation design as a hobby, constantly seeking inspiration from fellow designers and tirelessly honing his skills.

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Chen Liu