Italian Designer Marco Envisioned The First Hyper SUV For Aston Martin - Breaking The Traditional Boundaries Of Design

In the ever-evolving world of automotive innovation, the new Aston Martin Valiant concept stands out as a revolutionary marvel, marking the dawn of a new era in vehicle excellence. As the inaugural Hyper SUV, it breaks through conventional barriers by effortlessly blending the rugged adaptability of an SUV with the thrilling performance of a hypercar. Let's explore the cutting-edge fusion of luxury, power, and design that characterizes this automotive masterpiece.

Over the last twenty years, big changes have happened in the car world. Before, fancy sports cars and supercars were the stars, showing off wealth and luxury. But now, in the 21st century, people are really into SUVs and crossovers. This change made car makers pay attention and start making more SUVs to match what people want. Now, the spotlight is on super SUVs, and they're getting all the attention.

The Hyper SUV concept

The Hyper SUV concept originates from the merging of two different types of cars: Hypercars and SUVs. While these categories may seem different, the designer has combined them together to create a new kind of vehicle that takes the best from both. Hypercars are known for their outstanding performance. They have powerful engines designed to give incredible speed and acceleration. With sleek, aerodynamic designs, they can move through the air smoothly, reaching top speeds. Hypercars represent the highest level of car engineering, pushing the limits of what's possible. People all over the world are fascinated by their performance, considering them the best of the best in cars.

SUVs, on the other hand, have their special place in the car world. Initially made for practical purposes, they've evolved into more than just off-road vehicles. With their large size and roomy interiors, SUVs offer a versatile option for many needs. Whether it's navigating rough terrain or providing a comfortable ride for daily trips, SUVs are known for blending function and style. Their popularity has grown, turning them into symbols of luxury and usefulness, appealing to a wide range of drivers. The combination of these two car types has led to the creation of the Hyper SUV concept. This idea aims to blend the high-performance features of hypercars with the versatility of SUVs. Picture a car that has the speed and acceleration of a hypercar, but also the space and comfort of an SUV. The Hyper SUV concept pushes the limits of what cars can do, offering both top performance and practicality for drivers.

The Design of the Aston Martin Valiant

Leading the charge in this automotive revolution is the Aston Martin Valiant, showing off how clever and skilled its designer is. Its style mixes the tough look of an SUV with the smooth lines of a super-fast car, creating a stunning blend of beauty and fierceness. Built with lightweight carbon fibre, the Valiant feels posh yet super strong and agile.

Looks that Wow: Combining Beauty and Usefulness

The Aston Martin Valiant grabs attention with its strong appearance, thanks to its high stance and ability to drive on all four wheels. Following Aston Martin's signature style of sharp edges and curvy shapes, it gives off a vibe of timeless classiness. Mixing exposed carbon fibre parts with bronze touches shows off luxury and power, making it look cooler than ever. Underneath its sleek outside, the Valiant hides a beast of an engine, showing off the best in car engineering. With a powerful 1500 horsepower engine in the back, the Valiant can speed up like a rocket while still staying stable and easy to control. Its special chassis design, with big 24-inch wheels and improvements for aerodynamics, ensures it performs amazingly on both roads and racetracks.

The passenger compartment is separated from the chassis, giving the vehicle a feeling of being suspended and lightweight, unlike any other vehicle. The chassis, made of exposed carbon fibre, serves a significant aerodynamic purpose due to its separation from the bodywork. It features a front splitter that connects to the grille and extends to a large diffuser. The bronze grille reflects the typical Aston Martin design, housing the headlights. The goal for the bodywork was to keep it clean and elegant, in line with Aston Martin's style, creating a timeless and almost sculptural car.

Inspired by the DB2/4 Bertone and the DB3S Coupè, the side of the Valiant features a distinctive line that starts at the front wheel arch and ends at the rear, playing with light and shadow. The exposed carbon fibre roof incorporates parametric design air intakes at the rear to cool the engine, while two large bronze exhaust pipes sit at the rear end. The bodywork is completed with the signature swan tail, which includes a single LED rear light.


The Aston Martin Valiant breaks traditional limits, reshaping the car world with its unique mix of luxury, performance, and adaptability. As the first-ever Hyper SUV, it proves the car industry's commitment to constant improvement and fresh ideas. With the Valiant, the designer doesn't just set a new standard, it exceeds all expectations, securing its place as a leader in automotive brilliance.

About Designer

Marco Federici is an Italian transportation design graduate who currently works as a 3D modeller at Studio Futura. He is dedicated to enhancing his skills as a car designer with the ultimate goal of establishing his own automotive company. 

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