Internship Projects from studiokurbos 2023-24

Jun 17, 2024

We've just had the chance to check out some interesting design projects made by interns at studiokurbos. These projects start from just an idea and end up as a complete concept that looks fresh and creative. Join us for an in-depth look at how these innovative projects came to life.

1. Project "KUCO" by Marc Faulhaber

The KUCO concept is changing how we think about cars and transportation. It's all about luxury, being kind to the environment, and connecting the virtual and real worlds. Created by an intern at studiokurbos, KUCO is a big shift in how we see owning and using cars, especially in cities. It's not just about having a car anymore; it's about having one that fits our world today.

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At its core, the KUCO concept embraces the ethos of environmental friendliness while catering to the inherent attachment owners have towards their cars. By harnessing cutting-edge advancements in technology, KUCO transcends traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic fusion of personalized digital experiences with real-world functionality.

One of the most innovative aspects of the KUCO concept lies in its approach to digital customization and ownership. Through the innovative use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), users can tailor their vehicles to reflect their unique tastes and preferences in the virtual world. This digitally configured identity is seamlessly translated into the physical domain, where a fleet of car-sharing vehicles stands ready to embody the personalized aesthetics of their respective owners.

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Central to the versatility of the KUCO concept is its modular design, which offers unparalleled flexibility in both the digital and physical worlds. This modular framework empowers users to tailor their vehicles to suit their evolving needs, while also facilitating efficient energy management through the seamless swapping of modules as required. Looking ahead, the potential for expansion within the KUCO ecosystem remains limitless, with the incorporation of additional modules offering endless possibilities for customization and innovation. With each new iteration, it continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury transportation, forging a path towards a more connected, sustainable, and immersive future.

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Key to the realization of this vision are the advanced technological features such as e-ink displays and smart materials, which lend a touch of futuristic sophistication to the KUCO experience. These elements enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles and contribute to environmental sustainability, underscoring KUCO's commitment to a greener future. Moreover, this concept introduces a groundbreaking approach to shared transportation, where multiple users can seamlessly coexist within a single vehicle without compromising the sense of ownership. This innovative model not only fosters a sense of community but also promotes resource efficiency and reduced production, thus laying the foundation for a more sustainable ecosystem.

2. 'smartGARTEN' - Creativity on Wheels by Jaeyoung Ryu

Jaeyoung Ryu has come up with an interesting idea called 'smartGARTEN'. It's all about making cars fun for kids, not just for grown-ups. Instead of just driving from place to place, 'smartGARTEN' turns cars into places where kids can learn and have fun. Imagine a car that's like a classroom on wheels. That's what 'smartGARTEN' is all about. It lets kids have exciting experiences while they're on the move. It's all about giving kids the freedom to learn and explore as they travel.

Disclaimer: This work was done at studiokurbos and not created in collaboration with Smart

'smartGARTEN' mixes learning and fun. It creates a special space inside the car where kids can play and learn at the same time. This means every trip becomes an adventure for kids, full of new things to discover.

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With 'smartGARTEN', Jaeyoung Ryu is changing how we think about cars for kids. Instead of just sitting and waiting to arrive, kids can now have fun and learn while they travel. It's all about making journeys exciting and inspiring for the next generation of thinkers and creators.

3. Project 'SK05' by Marc Faulhaber

The car industry is getting more into self-driving cars. But here's the big question: Will we lose the excitement of driving, especially with sports cars? They are all about thrill, speed, and feeling connected to the car. They're loved for their sleek designs and fast speeds, making people all over the world feel pumped up. But with self-driving cars becoming more common, some worry we'll miss out on the thrill of driving.


That's where Marc Faulhaber's project, "SK05," comes in. It's an interesting project aiming to mix the fun of driving with self-driving technology. SK05 is a small sports car that can fit two people. Even though it's small, it promises to be quick and fun to drive, even when it's driving itself. Faulhaber wants to make sure that even with self-driving, the excitement of sports cars isn't lost.

Disclaimer: This work was done at studiokurbos and not created in collaboration with Maserati.

One special thing about SK05 is its curved exterior. It's designed to make driving feel smoother and more connected to the road. This not only looks good but also helps the car perform better. And then there's the windshield. It's designed to give passengers an awesome view of the road ahead, almost like a big window. This helps them see better and also lets them check out how the car's suspension and steering work.

In short, SK05 is all about showing that self-driving cars can still be exciting. By combining new technology with the fun of sports cars, Faulhaber's project is showing us what the future of driving could look like.

4. Project 'Compass' by Moritz Deininger

During his internship at studiokurbos, Moritz Deininger envisioned an innovative vehicle that combines sleek design with off-road capabilities, changing the way families explore new destinations. With spacious interiors and a perfect mix of elegant style and strong features, the Compass invites adventurers to embark on journeys in unmatched comfort and style.

Disclaimer: This work was done at studiokurbos and not created in collaboration with Mercedes Benz.

A standout feature of this concept is its dual-mode functionality, offering both autonomous on-road capabilities and manually operated off-road prowess. Each mode is reflected in the design of the tyres and rims, ensuring optimal performance in any terrain. Whether navigating city streets or rugged landscapes, "Compass" adapts effortlessly to its surroundings, providing a seamless driving experience.

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Further enhancing its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, the "Compass" boasts a range of practical amenities designed to facilitate unforgettable adventures. The retractable tent housed within the roof offers a cosy retreat for overnight stays, while an additional roof rack provides ample space to store essential adventure gear. However, it is the innovative incorporation of thermal modules located in the rear of the vehicle that truly sets the "Compass" apart. These modules not only ensure a comfortable interior environment but also provide ample warmth for enjoying chilly evenings under the starlit sky, making every journey a memorable experience.

As anticipation builds to see this concept from Moritz Deininger's into action, automotive enthusiasts and adventure seekers eagerly await the opportunity to experience the freedom and sophistication offered by the "Compass." With its unique blend of style, autonomy, and resilience, this visionary concept is poised to redefine the boundaries of adventure travel for generations to come.

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