This New Iconic Off-Road Luxury Jeep Concept by Loïc Seamlessly Uniting luxury with liberation

Mar 24, 2024

In a world focused on innovation and sustainability, the new Jeep design concept redefines the off-road experience. It seamlessly combines family unity, luxury, and a commitment to sustainable adventure, promising to change how we see off-road exploration. At the heart of this visionary vehicle lies the Stellantis Dare Forward initiative, propelling the automotive industry towards net-zero sustainability. Collaborating with Stellantis, the designer represents a new era of automotive design, uniting families on memorable journeys across diverse mountainous off-road landscapes. In today's digital world, human connections have weakened, but this concept aims to revive family bonding, fostering unique nature experiences and promoting well-being. Every detail is carefully crafted to strengthen family bonds while efficiently exploring uncharted territories.

The aesthetics of this Jeep offroad car seamlessly blend heritage, ruggedness, and adventure, creating a visually distinctive vehicle with a strong emotional connection to the brand's history. It signifies a unified sense of freedom in the modern world.

Exquisite Exterior Design

The exterior design seamlessly combines rugged sophistication, signalling the vehicle’s capability to tackle off-road challenges effortlessly. By blending Jeep's rugged off-road heritage with the futuristic, electric-driven boldness of the Hummer EV, this vehicle offers an iconic presence and a luxurious, versatile open-air experience. It's visually striking, technologically advanced, and environmentally conscious, appealing to off-road enthusiasts' imagination.

Users can enjoy scenic views and connect with their surroundings, thanks to additional seats supported by a cantilever system, allowing them to utilize the vehicle's full top glass and bask in the sunlight with loved ones. Solar panels integrated into sustainable fibreglass harness solar power to recharge the vehicle’s systems, reducing its environmental impact and showcasing a more sustainable approach to off-road exploration. The fibreglass also enables ambient lighting, creating a visually appealing sculpture at night. Additionally, orange assist lights serve as warning lights on the vehicle's fenders, aiding visibility in snowstorms and helping children familiarize themselves when the vehicle ventures into uncharted territories.

Further, with a continuous electric powertrain powered by gravitational forces, users can enjoy a suitable off-road driving experience for extended journeys. This ensures uninterrupted exploration of the great outdoors.

Thoughtfully Configured Interior for Shared Adventures

The central focus of this design lies in its spacious and carefully arranged interior, designed to promote a sense of unity among occupants. Innovative features such as flexible seating arrangements, ample storage options, customizable entertainment systems, and even bed space cater to the varied requirements of families, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for shared experiences. Notably, the integration of a single-seater cockpit seamlessly connects the interior of the Jeep with the outside, creating illuminated pathways. Additionally, the use of sustainable materials emphasizes the commitment to coexist harmoniously with nature.

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The shift from sketching to virtual reality using Gravity Sketch played a pivotal role in the design project. It enhanced visualization, supported iterative refinement, facilitated collaboration, assisted in evaluating user experience, and ultimately led to a more engaging presentation. This seamless integration of sketching with advanced technology optimized the design process, resulting in the creation of a truly innovative and visually stunning vehicle.


The proposed Jeep design represents progress, embodying the spirit of the modern family that values togetherness, luxury, and a deep commitment to preserving the beauty of our natural world. From advanced infotainment systems to comfortable interiors, this fusion appeals to those seeking both adventure and a touch of modern luxury. It’s a testament to the belief that families can unite, create lasting memories, and embark on thrilling off-road adventures within this sense of freedom – all while embracing a sustainable, net-zero approach.

About Designer

Loïc Chauvin is a 21-year-old automotive designer and concept artist from Paris, France. He is based in Detroit, MI and currently finishing his final college degree in automotive design at Lawrence Technological University. With core foundational values in design principles and a keen eye for details, Loïc strives to push the boundaries of conventional automotive aesthetics towards a more unique approach. His work characterizes a harmonious blend of form and functions while focusing on bringing forth the user experience, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Drawing inspiration from a natural principle and future-forward trend, Loïc is committed to shaping the future of automotive design by challenging the use of transportation that not only meets technical requirements but retrieves the emotional excitement in the hearts of enthusiasts and consumers alike for a well-rewarded experience. 

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