This VW NEW THING ID Concept By Ethan Park Is Designed With Generation Alpha In Mind

The latest addition to Volkswagen's ID series, named 'New Thing,' by an art centre student combines innovation with sustainability, setting a new standard in the automotive industry. This groundbreaking vehicle blends advanced technology with eco-friendly design, aiming to change the future of driving.

Redefining Mobility for Generation Alpha

'New Thing' isn't just about looks and gadgets; it's about meeting the changing needs and values of Generation Alpha. It focuses on sustainability and social responsibility, using eco-friendly materials, energy-saving tech, and a commitment to reduce its environmental impact. It's more than a car—it's a symbol of mindful living and forward-thinking.

From its sleek design to its advanced features, 'New Thing' shows the tech-savvy side of Generation Alpha. Its futuristic look and smooth lines stand out on the road, breaking away from typical car designs. Inside, the cabin is full of innovation and connectivity, with interactive screens, customizable lighting, and easy-to-use controls meant to engage and motivate. Built on the versatile ID platform, 'New Thing' embraces individuality. It offers many customization options, letting owners personalize every aspect to match their style and preferences. Whether it's the sleek exterior or the roomy interior, 'New Thing' can reflect the owner's personality.


The choice also extends to the seating arrangement. Whether you choose the 2-seater for extra comfort or the 4-seater with adjustable space, it's up to you. This flexibility ensures that 'New Thing' suits different lifestyles, providing a unique driving experience for each owner.

Retro-Inspired Design with a Modern Twist

Inspired by Volkswagen's classic 'Thing' vehicle, 'New Thing' combines nostalgia with modern style. It respects its past while embracing new features. With four driving modes—Convertible, Compact Pickup Truck, Hardtop, and Fully Open-air Off-road—this model offers unmatched versatility. Each mode serves different needs. The Convertible mode is great for breezy drives, the Compact Pickup Truck is handy for hauling, the Hardtop mode is for everyday use, and the Fully Open-air Off-road mode is for adventurous trips.

With 'New Thing,' drivers can pick the mode that suits their needs—be it for leisure, work, commuting, or off-road fun. This flexibility honours the 'Thing' legacy while embracing innovation, making 'New Thing' perfect for any lifestyle. At Volkswagen, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it's a commitment. 

 'New Thing' proves this by using lightweight recycled materials, showing our commitment to being eco-friendly while still performing well. Every part of 'New Thing,' from its carefully designed body to its efficient cargo space, is made with sustainability in mind.

Volkswagen's 'New Thing' embodies both practicality and elegance in its design. Not only does it feature front headlights and taillights that serve as a rack system, adding extra utility for daily tasks, but it also offers a wide range of vibrant colour options. These include choices like 'Azul Acapulco,' 'Amarillo Citrico,' 'Beige Estepa,' and 'Rojo Salmon,' as well as premium selections such as 'Blanco Crema' and 'Noche Oscura.' With such diverse options available, you're sure to find the perfect colour to match your style.


'New Thing' is a big step forward for Volkswagen. It brings together new ideas, cares for the environment, and makes each car unique. Its special design and options for customization are leading the way for how we'll get around in the future. This car shows Volkswagen's promise to keep improving and making transportation better for the planet. With 'New Thing,' we're starting a journey to make driving more eco-friendly and tailored to each person's needs.

About Designer

Ethan (Jae Woo) Park is an eighth-term Transportation Design major at ArtCenter College of Design. He specializes in Exterior Design and has a background in fine art and product design. With global art and design experiences, Park focuses on using proportions and surfaces to evoke emotions in automotive design. His main goal is to create compelling design stories that balance conceptual and logical ideas while upholding the brand's identity with precise details.

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Ethan Jae Woo Park