Latest BMW Mini Workman Concept is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality

Jul 03, 2024

BMW Mini's design ethos has always emphasized compactness and efficiency, combining performance with style. In this innovative interior design project, the aim is to enhance Mini’s interior to cater to the modern professional’s needs while preserving its unique aesthetic appeal. This project showcases a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality, tailored to meet the demands of today's fast-paced lifestyle. By addressing both comfort and functionality, the design not only retains Mini's iconic look but also elevates its usability. The result of the latest BMW Mini Workman Concept is a space that feels both familiar and refreshingly new, perfect for the contemporary user.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project from Zack Fu and not an official concept from Mini

The target user for this BMW Concept is a 30-year-old male customer success manager. His job requires frequent phone calls, even while driving, and sometimes immediate action. This design focuses on creating a calm and efficient workspace inside the car to help him handle urgent tasks quickly. It ensures he can stay productive and efficient while on the move. When you look at the interior you get a feeling that the design is inspired by two main themes: cosiness and technology. Using cylindrical and circular elements, the design achieves a peaceful and smooth look. The seats are designed to feel like sofas, wrapping the driver and passengers in comfort during drives or breaks.

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A circular screen remains a central feature of the dashboard, maintaining the iconic Mini look. The design ensures symmetry throughout the interior, enhancing visual harmony. The workspace at the back resembles a regular office desk, equipped with a multifunctional screen for connecting phones and computers, facilitating productivity on the go. This setup transforms the car into a versatile workspace, enabling users to seamlessly switch between driving and working modes.

The design allows the driver to quickly switch to work mode by rotating the seat backwards, transforming the car into a mobile office. The workspace is minimalist yet functional, enabling users to concentrate on their tasks without unnecessary distractions. This efficient layout ensures that every inch of the car is utilized effectively, providing a comfortable and practical environment for both driving and working. Understanding that professionals might need to spend extended hours in the car, a small refrigerator is included behind the centre console. This addition ensures that users have access to refreshments, making long drives or work sessions more comfortable. The integration of practical features like this demonstrates a keen understanding of the user’s needs, enhancing the overall usability of the car.

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The second design direction emphasizes a calm and agile aesthetic, focusing on the driver’s experience. This approach experiments with tougher design elements, differing from Mini’s usual style, while ensuring a youthful and dynamic feel. The use of durable materials and innovative design concepts not only enhances the car's functionality but also adds to its visual appeal.

Mini’s unique design makes its cars look like toys, appealing to younger audiences. This project incorporates elements popular among young people, both in the interior and exterior decorations, to rejuvenate the brand's image and make it more attractive to a younger demographic. By infusing playful elements into the design, the car maintains a fun and energetic vibe, resonating with the brand's identity. For the exterior of the latest BMW Mini Workman Concept, the design remains simple but impactful, focusing on colour contrasts to highlight the car's form. Inspired by the idea of wrapping the cockpit, this design aims to offer stability and comfort, making users feel at home. The minimalist approach ensures that the car retains its classic charm while incorporating modern design elements.

As a British brand, Mini’s design often features elements of the British flag. This project integrates these elements into details like headlights, roof, and rearview mirrors, preserving the brand’s heritage while enhancing its modern appeal. These subtle yet distinctive details celebrate Mini’s British roots and add a touch of elegance to the overall design. To facilitate the quick transition to a working environment, several screens are incorporated into the interior and exterior. These displays provide basic parameters and an interactive interface, enhancing efficiency in driving, riding, and working. The strategic placement of these screens ensures that essential information is always within easy reach, improving the overall user experience.

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Zack Fu